Thursday, October 30, 2008

Top 10 Paid Post Site

If you want to earn some cash from the internet, These are the Top Ten Paid Post site what will pay you for your review.

I list them from the most consistent and more opportunities for writing review to less. The amount paid varied from each other, but they range from $5 up to $20.

Go check it out and hope you'll find the most suitable program for you.

1 PayU2Blog (recommended)
2. Blogitive (recommended)
3. Pay Per Post
4. Blogsvertise
5. LoudLaunch
6. BlogtoProfit
7. Money4Blogs
8. V7N Webmaster Forum
9. Blogging Ads
10. Bloggerwave

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Malaysia Web Hosting Company

EBiz Gold Web Hosting the best package by

Every online business seeks that particular edge to provide them with all the advantages they could get in the online market. Introducing Windows Server 2008, the most advanced web server with splendid features to date that could change your webhosting experience forever! Believe it or not, this is the edge you’ve been looking for!

There are a lot of good benefits to choose EBiz Gold for your hosting choice. Here are just a handful of them!
More Freebies.

You love freebies, we love giving them away. Get Free Life Time Domain that will save you from renewal hassles, Free Backup Email Server that will ensure no email lost whenever your primary email server is down for maintenance and Free over 300 Website Templates all for you to choose from!
Unlimited Email Accounts.

You can now have the pleasure of having, for yourself and staffs to make use of! Personalized email address helps enhancing your corporate branding, making it look more professional compared to free email services. You also get to access your email anytime & anywhere, as long as there is internet connection around!

Pre-installed Web Tools and CMS.

Why would anyone want to stick to a static website that just sits there quietly when you can have a dynamic website which is more desirable? With the installation of powerful tools like Joomla, PHPBB, WordPress, DotNetPanel and etc which is included in the package, you can even get your website tap-dancing to your favorite tune!
300GB Huge Disk Space.

Can you imagine how huge 300GB is? It is equivalent to the size of over 3 million web pages, 300 000 of images, 500 000 of emails or the total size of 60 DVDs! Having said all that, you will still have some extra space which you can use for backup and archive. That’s right, you can even setup your very own online photo and video gallery!



PS3 Playstation 3 Price in malaysia

Recently i've read in CHIP Magazine. The price of PS3 have been quoted at around RM1700.

true or not i'll check back with the magazine.

Video playback on Google Android: Is that all?

Does it strike anyone else as odd that Google has left some basic capabilities to third-party Android developers? Video playback in the day where multimedia is king seems like such an obvious application to perfect and include on a platform with a lot to prove, yet the only video-related application the T-Mobile G1 sports is a YouTube application.

That makes perfect sense, YouTube having been bought by Google and all, but what if the videos you want to see plain haven't been uploaded yet?

Thankfully, the Android add-on Video Player reliably fills a basic role by playing MPEG4 or 3GPP videos (H.264 and H.263 standards) from the SD card. It is, however, very light on the controls, with just a pause button and forward and backward advance and no extras on the Menu button. Android Market developer Jeff Hamilton also states in his specifications that videos need to be 480 by 352 for proper playback. We were able to convert, load, and play back 5-minute and 45-minute videos without a hitch.

TuneWiki, which I wrote about yesterday, is more of a replacement for the music player, though it also enhances basic YouTube functions when music videos are the focus. TuneWiki will attempt to sync lyrics to the music video and will save videos for repeat playback and karaoke practice.

So far, these options are slim when compared with other mobile platforms that offer fuller management features out of the box.

Read more CNET reviews and news on Google Android, Android apps, and the T-Mobile G1.

Double click and Google Affiliates

What the Buzz all About - another Money Making method

DoubleClick is your partner in achieving success with digital marketing—whether you are a web publisher, marketer or advertising agency. We are a reliable, experienced, innovative partner who can help you capitalize on the opportunities that digital media bring, and meet the challenges they present.

If you’re a marketer or agency, our people work to be sure you get the best return on your advertising dollar. If you’re a web publisher, they partner with you to increase revenues.
Freeing You to Focus on Strategy and Creativity

Our integrated products work together to simplify and streamline your advertising sales, buying, operations and billing. DoubleClick’s industry-leading reporting systems enable you to stay on top of campaign performance at all times, across all digital media. It all combines to let you get on with what you do best.
Ahead of the Market—Then and Now

We’ve been at the forefront of the industry since 1996. That’s long enough to know that digital marketing can change in the blink of an eye. So we bring you strategic insights that keep you ahead of the curve and drive business results. Our Innovation Lab and R&D program are constantly developing new solutions that help you stay in the vanguard, and our Research Department answers the questions that are keeping you up at night.
Where the World’s Top Publishers, Marketers and Agencies Connect

DoubleClick is at the hub of the world’s leading digital publishers, marketers and agencies. We work across industries, across platforms, and around the world.
DoubleClick: the nerve center of digital marketing.
Making affiliate marketing more productive

Google acquired the DoubleClick Performics Affiliate operations in March 2008. Together, we're creating new opportunities for monetization, expansion, and innovation in affiliate marketing.

Performics was founded as the first full-service affiliate network in 1998 and was acquired by DoubleClick in 2004. Today Performics Affiliate operates as Google Affiliate Network and remains committed to delivering affiliate channel growth for advertisers and publishers.

Google Affiliate Network connects advertisers and publishers who want to increase sales and drive leads through affiliate marketing.

As an advertiser using Google Affiliate Network, you'll discover pre-screened publishers who can refer consumer traffic to you. As a publisher, you can market your site to advertisers in the network; if selected to participate in an advertiser's program, you'll earn a percent of sales or a referral bounty.
Google Affiliate Network offers:

* Industry-leading advertiser and publisher service
* Rigorous network quality standards
* Reliable conversion tracking
* Detailed reporting
* Automated payments to publishers
* Simple link and creative delivery tools
* Flexible commissions
* Access to top brands on the web

Sunday, October 12, 2008

i receive this email from my younger sister, as i looked further my elder sister also forwarded the same email to me,


**my sister NAME** just registered to win a free handbag from and though you'd like a chance to win too! To celebrate their upcoming launch, is giving away 24 handbags in 24 hours.

Visit to check it out!
**my sister NAME** and

P.S. - Please foward this e-mail to any friends who might be interested! We won't be contacting you again and haven't stored your e-mail address.


Well, i call this 'brilliant marketing' -

1. They have target Market
2. They Created a hype - through the 24 bag for 24 hours contest.
:: which so much competition and similarity in product offered, the hype is all
that 'triggers' the emotion of the buyer.
3. They Are Convincing
4. You know what, i too feel like participating, maybe i could win a new backpack
for my Lenovo.

5. Plus, they have COUNTDOWN digital clock.

if you can 'copy' their method, you'll see a lot of progress. Well there is many different ways in doing something.

That Business Promise you a website!

Hi guys, it's been a long time since I've updated this blog, yeah right 2 days.

Do you remember when you apply for an affiliate program, they give you a site with your name on it. the time before Adwords, you have to do the hard work to market and get traffic.

Here is one example, do they really make money online?

the funny thing about this site is, they put this in a very simple way -

* Results not typical. You may not
do as well.

No offence, but upfront, the company surely has made that real sale from the subscriber and wannabe businessman.

my personal opinion, business like this, may not work so well these days

Monday, October 6, 2008

How to Take Your Eyes OFF the Screen/Monitor?

Probably this has become a number one problem thesedays. "Please take me away from my computer...!". You can sit for hours in front of the pc/laptop surfing the internet and let precious times flies. Time just fly when you sit in front of the laptop, suddenly its getting dark outside.

Hmm. seems like a problem here. We are missing out on the bright shiny - lunch in the park, playing in the field and socializing during teh tarik time - TTT, 3T (whatever you call it) or just Nge-Teh!

Worst case, we prefer not to bring the family for a trip during weekend, just to do some internet browsing and marketing. I did not buy newspaper anymore. A local newspaper will cost me RM1.50 perday, so every month 1.50 for 30 days (some paper during weekend, priced more) so RM45.00.

I pay for internet connection permonth RM68.00 / celcom 385kbps (getting better now)

That is RM23 more than buying newspaper. But I can get to read news from all over the world and actually reading 3 - 5 different newspaper, local and international(not to mention blog)

I miss the smell of freshly printed papers, but I enjoyed reading more.

This is one of the common reason why we go online everyday. (Still, the main question is still not answered, How to Take Your Eyes of the Screen/Monitor?


Just take the time off to rest, go outside and get some ice cream or eat some cendol, go cycling, play badminton (use the gate or fence as the net (or pretend there is a net in front of you, imagine the line approximately your chest height..LOL), play with your kids, 'timbang' the takraw rattan in your limited porch area, wash your aquarium, get to the kitchen and cooks some chocolate bread or muffins, or just prepare a healthy meal.

If you are married, your wife will start nagging at you. I get this all the time as the hour past. I must stop. I must limit myself only for the most two hours with this laptop. you must limit your time too.

Its better to get a good night sleep than staying up and watch the new video on you tube.

Enough internet marketing, take some time to rest. Your body will send you signals. be alert and respond to it.

Green plants makes the eyes more refresh. Go Green in the office too, because, at least 5 quality hours is spent in front of the monitors. not to mention myspace and frienster or updating blogs. Itsprohibited during office hour.

Can looking at the monitors for hours hurt your eyes? Yes it does!

Eyestrain and your computer screen: Tips for getting relief

(this tips is from website)

Your eyes hurt. Your head aches. And there you sit, peering at your computer monitor. If you're one of the many people who use computers every day — either for work or personal use — you may experience eyestrain as a result.

Eyestrain: Signs and symptoms

Common signs and symptoms include:

Sore, tired, burning or itching eyes
Watery eyes
Dry eyes
Blurred or double vision
Headache and sore neck
Difficulty shifting focus between monitor and paper documents in your work area
Color fringes or afterimages when you look away from the monitor
Increased sensitivity to light
Eyestrain associated with computer use isn't thought to have serious or long-term consequences, but it's disruptive and unpleasant. Though you may not be able to change the nature of your job or all the factors that can cause eyestrain, you can take steps to reduce the strain.

New habits can help relieve eyestrain

A few simple adjustments in how you work or surf the Internet can give your eyes a much-needed rest.

Follow these simple tips to reduce eyestrain:

Take eye breaks. Throughout the day, give your eyes a break by forcing them to focus on something other than on your screen. Try the following exercise: Hold a finger a few inches in front of your face; focus on the finger as you slowly move it away; focus on something far in the distance and then back to the finger; slowly bring the finger back toward your face. Next, shift your focus to something farther than eight feet away and hold your eyes there for a few seconds. Repeat this exercise three times, several times a day.

Change the pace. Try to stand up and move around at least once every hour or so. If possible, lean back and close your eyes for a few moments. At the very least, try to give yourself a five-minute rest every hour. Do other work, such as phone calls or filing, during this time.

Blink often to refresh your eyes. Because many people blink less than normal when working at a computer, dry eyes can result from prolonged computer use. Blinking produces tears that can help moisten and lubricate your eyes. Make a conscious effort to blink more often.

Consider using artificial teardrops. Available over the counter, artificial tears can help relieve dry eyes that result from prolonged sessions at the computer.

Practice relaxation. Ease muscle tension with this relaxation exercise: Place your elbows on your desk, palms facing up; let your weight fall forward and your head fall into your hands; position your head so that your eyebrows rest on the base of your palms, with your fingers extended toward your forehead; close your eyes and take a deep breath through your nose; hold it for four seconds, then exhale. Continue this deep breathing for 15 to 30 seconds. Perform this simple exercise several times a day.

Get appropriate eyewear. If you wear glasses or contacts, make sure the correction is right for computer work. Most lenses are fitted for reading print and may not be optimal for computer work. Glasses or contact lenses designed specifically for computer work may be a worthwhile investment.

Put your workstation in order

Take some of the strain off your eyes by making sure your desk space is set up in an appropriate and eye-friendly way.

Adjust your monitor. Position your monitor directly in front of you about 20 to 28 inches from your eyes. Many people find that putting the screen at arm's length is about right. If you need to get too close to read small type, consider increasing the font size.

Keep the top of your screen at eye level or below so that you look down slightly at your work. If it's too high or too low, it can lead to a sore neck. If you have your monitor on top of your central processing unit (CPU), consider placing the CPU to the side or on the floor. And if you wear bifocals or trifocals, keep in mind that you may have a tendency to tilt your head backwards so that you can see through the lower portion of your glasses. To adjust for this, consider lowering your monitor a few inches or buying glasses designed for computer work.

Position your keyboard properly. Place your keyboard directly in front of your monitor. If you place it at an angle or to the side, your eyes have to focus at different distances from the screen, a tiring activity.

Keep reference materials nearby. Place reading and reference material on a document holder beside your monitor and at the same level, angle and distance from your eyes as the monitor is from your eyes. This way your eyes aren't constantly readjusting.

Check the lighting and reduce glare. Bright lighting and too much glare can make it difficult to see objects on your screen and strain your eyes. To check glare, sit at your computer with the monitor off. This allows you to see the reflected light and images. Note any intense glare. The worst problems are generally from sources above or behind you, including fluorescent lighting and sunlight.

If possible, place your monitor so that the brightest light sources are off to the side, at a right angle to your monitor. Consider turning off some or all of the overhead lights. If you need light for writing or reading, use an adjustable desk lamp. Close blinds and shades and avoid placing your monitor directly in front of a window or white wall. Use a glare-reducing screen to minimize glare from overhead lighting.

Finally, adjust the contrast and brightness on the monitor to a level that's comfortable for you, making sure the letters on the screen are easy to read.

Also wipe the dust from your computer screen regularly. Dust on the screen cuts down on contrast and may contribute to glare and reflection problems.

If problems still persist, it could be a sign of a more serious problem. See your doctor if you have:

Prolonged eye discomfort
A noticeable change in vision
Double vision
But if you're like most people, making a few simple adjustments can help keep your eyes rested and ready.


go on a date and please take me with ya...:)(Aishwarya Rai)

This is for FREE!

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To your success,

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Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir & Batin

Raya Mood is still deep inside me, the celebration of Syawal the month after Ramadhan. we just return home from Penang. 3 cars all together.

I would like to wish all the readers of technologystolen, Selamat Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir Batin.