Monday, April 20, 2009

Ewen Chia - The Internet Millionaires Master Mind

As an internet marketers, you would not know Ewen Chia. I've been exposed to his ads and email almost everyday. It was after years of knowing him through his add, i finally decide to take the move and buy his product. and guess what, his product was not a dissapointing one.

I bought Two Products from him which is,

1. Digital product : InternetMarketingSystem with PLR and
2. Book - How i made my first million on the internet.

what i can assure you, Ewen tells it all in his mentoring product. He share the same exact tactics that he use in serious Money Making Online.

He make money while helping others solve their problem. Remember, you can make money by solving others people problem. How you can do it with very low budget? here is some tips.

1. Go to or a yahoo answers and look for unsolved problem.
2. Search, with google or yahoo, is there any product to solve this problem, wether it is physical or digital.
3. do your research and create a page, you can use a free one with and just create a site with name like,

4. Make product page and create your link to buy the product. Answer a few question that your market is looking for in your blog .

5. Go to, make a slideshow, register a youtube account, and upload your video to youtube with youtube upload video function.
6. Write at least 6 article and post it in or

7. update your blog.
8. Drag your youtube video into somebody else video with 'related video or video response'

9. Monetize with adsense if you like.
10. Go to and monitor your traffic. - what drives them there? Which keyword do they search for and got linked to your site.
11. write an article on that.
12. Make new video and post it with links to your site.

Fair enough? well, give it a try!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Chris Farrell's wil help you to create your first website

and he said that by 3.45, it can be done.

Most people need to have several website to start earning money online. Well, some need a few pages to generate sales. But seriously i have two friends that's been making serious money from Amazon and Adsense. From waht i can tell you, they have been writing online for 11 years and my other friend has been writing reviews for 6 years. and each of them has over than 4,000 pages of content.

So with more than 4,000 pages of original content, what can you expect..? of course Thousands of clicks for Adsense and Amazon sales.

They Key here is Content , original and high quality. This is what you realy need to start earning online.

Chris on the other hand is offering great help in his recent book - to help us you make your first website and start earning money from it. maybe you can have a peek at what chris is offering.

Oh ya, the usual ebook in pdf format but with more than 43 videos to help you get started. YES, 43 helpful VIDEOS.

Wait no longer, visit the link priveded. click here now!