Friday, December 18, 2009

Blogging Universities.

If only there is a degree for blogging, LiewCf could have got a phd on this. Edwardkhoo maybe his first degree. - just that the field is not formalised in the education system yet. (think about it) . a person have to acquire some skills to make money online. Whenever there is a learning curve involved, there is 'education' and process of learning going on.

i posted above comment on recent LiewCF blog. DO you really think we need to have a formal education on Blogging and Internet Marketing, like a degree or diploma. I beleive in the marketing field, someone can do a thesis or detail study on this matter. I remember buying a book froma Harvard Graduate entitled 'NetWorth' written by John Hagel III and Marc Singer.

The book basically is about Looking at the future of e-commerce, Hagel (coauthor of Net Gain) and Singer, both principals in the consulting firm McKinsey & Company, add a provocative twist to the conventional view that those companies with the best information about their customers will be the most successful.

They examine not only how companies can acquire information about consumers but also, crucially, how consumers can control dissemination of their personal information and even charge companies for their use of it. To the ever-expanding e-commerce lexicon they add a new term: "infomediaries."

That part of this thread is taken from Amazon. Amazon best decribed the authors book synopsis.

The book published by Harvard Business Press. I believe, we can have someone with a specialised degree in Blogging and Internet Marketing or popularly pronouced by goverments and formal institutions as e-commerce.

to view the book visit the link below

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thank You Eblog Template & Hong

Hi Shah-

Thank you for subscribing to eBlog Templates exclusive email content!

Our goal is to make you more successful as a blogger by providing you the knowledge and tools all for free.

I will be sending you some great tips and tricks over the next few days that will help you become a much better blogger.

In the meantime, I recommend spending time reading our latest blog articles and comments where you can exchange knowledge with other bloggers just like you.

Our blogging community is our strongest asset so I encourage you to utilize it.

Best of luck with your blog and I will see you again soon!

To Your Blogging Success,

~David Cowgill

Founder, eBlog Templates


Withdraw/Direct Transfer your PayPal Account money to Bank in Malaysia

Withdraw/Direct Transfer your PayPal Account money to Bank in Malaysia without buying any debit card. Just use your own ATM card to do this.

Almost all the bank in Malaysia is now accepting PayPal direct bank account transfer. Mayabnk, CIMB, Hong Leong, Public Bank.. all..the the images below.

Thank You Paypal for making it easier for Malaysian.!!!

Here si how you do it.

1. Login yo your paypal account.
2. Click withdraw
3. Tt will show you to choose withdraw to local bank. click. and the window will appear.
4. Withdrawal charges apply up to RM3.00 only. (you can check the details charges)for more than $400 its free it think.
5. Select your bank plus the bank code.
6. Key in your bank account number.
7. Key in your amount and watch the currency conversion rate.
8. Agree withthe amount
9. Then submit. you can always check the detail transaction later and see the cost deducted from the original amount transfered. Just about MYR3.00.

10. Transaction will be processed/ your hard Earned internet money from your PayPal Account will be in your personal local bank in 2-3 Business Day.

THANK YOU SO MUCH PAYPAL for making it easy for us in Malaysia. I hope this is helpful guys.


Withdraw/Direct Transfer your PayPal Account money to Bank in Malaysia

My Internet money in paypal account can now be withdrawn directly into your local bank account in a very simple step.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Window 7 : Your PC Simplified - by Microsoft Corporation : A Review

Window 7 , Your PC Simplified by Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Higlights WIndow 7 and explain it in details how

1. Windows 7: Your PC, simplified
- how Windows 7 helps make your everyday tasks faster and easier

2. Find more things in more places
- Windows 7 makes searching easy so you quickly find what you need

3.Take the work out of networking
- Windows 7 HomeGroup allows you to set up a home network and share files

4.Browse the Web with ease
- With Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 8, browsing the Web is faster and easier

5.Windows 7 Enterprise
- Reduce management costs, improve productivity, and manage risks. Test in your environment today

6.Build applications that are compatible with Windows 7
Download the Windows 7 Training Kit for Developers to access presentations, hands-on labs, and demos

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Google Site

Have you tried Google Sites? How to make full use of it?

What you can do is, If you-re running out of hosting space in your hosting plan, u can use Google Site to host the content of your subdomain.

As google site is only to point to your subdomain. for example,

you have, you want to create a subdomain - you can use Google Site to create your content, with a few more page, loads with adsense, video, graphic and so on.

If you are a beginner and new to webdesign, Google Site is perfect for you. It is very easy to use and fill with ;

1. easy and user friendly control panel, (takes about 10 minutes to understand and master how it function) no HTML required.

2. easy one column sales letter, simple 2 or 3 column template,

3. built in with adsense, just add you code and grant access later in

4. Generate sitemap for you. (great features)

5. No limit for the number of pages -

you can upload files and attachments Use the file cabinet to upload files up to 10MB in size. Each Google Apps account receives at least 10GB of storage in Google Sites. Google Apps Premier and Education editions get an additional 500MB for each user account.

Example of sites by Google.

Home (Organic City Intranet)

Home (Ski Club)

try it folks..

NOTE : the default domain for Google Site can be changes through Google Apps. Administrators can change the URL for any public site in Google Sites.

Using "" as the example domain, and donaldduck-site as the site, the standard URL for a site is, This could be changed to donaldduck Web Page through the Google Apps control panel.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Windows 98 SE, XP or Vista which is or was best?

The difference between the three windows OS is 'stability and ease of use'.

It is always much easier to use and install new programs with Windows 98 SE and XP than Windows Vista. If you purchase a third party software and install in the later version which is 98, you wont face much problem, during installations and updates for the software.

But with XP and VIsta i always face difficulty with the win32 error and requires a lot of reinstalling and tweaking. As for interface of course Vista provides you with a more modern and elegant looks. Ease of use got to be 98, and os without much hassle.

Windows 98 SE features
Windows 98 SE

Microsoft Windows 98 has quickly become the standard operating system for the vast majority of (non-Macintosh) personal computer owners. If you're thinking about upgrading from Windows 95, or adding Windows 98 on to a multi-OS platform, you'll get a comfortable, fairly intuitive graphical user interface, with point-and-click simplicity.

The biggest (and most controversial) feature of Windows 98 is its deep Internet integration. The Internet Explorer browser bundled with Windows 98 pops up constantly, inviting you to connect to the Internet and surf the Web quickly and easily. All the plug-ins you need are supported, and for folks who don't want a high level of under-the-hood control of their OS and Internet software, the stability of the combo can't be beat. In fact, diehard Netscape users often don't uninstall Internet Explorer from Windows 98 because the program is so deeply integrated in the OS.

Windows 98 has all the features of Windows 95, but some have been retooled, renamed, and spruced up. Perhaps the nicest improvement about Windows 98, though, is its use of a better file allocation system, enabling much more efficient use of hard drive space. Windows 98 supports the most widely used software programs, peripherals, and hardware, and it comes standard on most new PCs in the United States.

What the pro says obout XP.

With Windows XP Home Edition with Service Pack 2, you get safer browsing and communication, powerful security tools, and improved experiences. Packed with multimedia features, Windows XP Home Edition with Service Pack 2 aims to unlock the full potential of your personal computer. It also looks great, with rounded window corners, larger and more detailed icons, and a clean-look desktop.

The Security Center lets you check the status of your essential security settings.
The best thing about Windows XP is that, because it belongs to the Windows NT/2000 product family, it's designed from the ground up for reliability, security, and networking. XP Home users will soon see the benefits of this. The dreaded Windows crash-and-reboot cycle really is much less common with XP, and, provided the hardware is up to scratch, XP's performance is better, too. The downside is that using a different code base can make compatibility with old applications less assured. Business applications normally run fine, but older games, MIDI software, and system utilities may well cause problems.

Windows XP is more customizable than previous versions, including its visual themes that let you change the whole appearance of Windows in an instant. Fast User Switching is a neat feature for computers used by more than one person--it lets another user log on without killing the previous user's session, and when you switch back, running applications and open documents are as you left them. This is impressive, but what really counts is that XP understands how to deal with multiple users. Each user has their own special folders, such as My Documents, which cannot be seen by other users. And for those with more than one computer, the network setup wizard simplifies setting up a network.

What the pro says obout Vista.

Windows Vista Home Premium with Service Pack 1 is the preferred edition for home desktop and mobile PCs. It provides a breakthrough design that brings your world into sharper focus while delivering the productivity, entertainment, and security you need from your PC at home or on the go.

Compare Windows Vista editions.

Windows Vista Aero provides spectacular visual effects such as glass-like interface elements that you can see through.

The redesigned Windows Media Center in Windows Vista lets you enjoy your media throughout your home, even on your Xbox 360. View larger.
Improved Reliability and Performance
Windows Vista with Service Pack 1 and improvements delivered by hardware and software partners increase the reliability, performance, and compatibility of Windows Vista-based PCs.

With Windows Vista with SP1, many of the most common causes of operating system crashes and hangs have been addressed. Windows Vista includes new, innovative technologies that help pinpoint and diagnose issues reported anonymously by Windows Vista-based PCs from millions of users who have elected to have their PC send us system information.

Windows Vista with SP1 supports a number of important new technology standards, so it will keep making your PC easier and more enjoyable to use for years to come.

Windows Vista Home Premium with Service Pack 1 delivers more ease of use, security, and entertainment to your PC at home and on the go.
Here it is: the preferred edition of Windows for home desktop and mobile PCs. Windows Vista Home Premium with Service Pack 1 delivers the productivity and entertainment that you need from your PC at home or on the go. It includes Windows Media Center, which helps you more easily enjoy your digital photos, TV, movies, and music. Plus, you'll have the peace of mind of knowing that your PC has a whole new level of security and reliability. All together, Windows Vista Home Premium with Service Pack 1 redefines enjoyment in home computing.

It starts with a breakthrough design that makes your PC easier to use every day. With Windows Aero, you'll experience dynamic reflections, smooth gliding animations, transparent glass-like menu bars, and the ability to switch between your open windows in a new three-dimensional layout. Instant desktop search capabilities, coupled with powerful new ways to organize and visualize your information, means you can instantly find and use the e-mails, documents, photos, music, and the other information you want, when you need it.

Windows Vista Home Premium with Service Pack 1 also helps keep your personal information, your PC, and your family computing experience safer than in previous versions of Windows. For example, Windows Internet Explorer 7 in Windows Vista includes automated defenses against malicious software and fraudulent websites so you can use your PC online with greater confidence. Windows Vista Home Premium with Service Pack 1 also provides automatic backup of your files, such as your valuable digital photos, music, movies, documents, and other files, so you can relax and focus on the things you care about most. And, by using the built-in parental controls, parents can help ensure their children's computer use is appropriate and safer.

Windows Vista Home Premium with SP1 32-bit for System Builders - 1 pack

And what about fun? A major advance in Windows Vista Home Premium with Service Pack 1 is the dramatically improved digital entertainment experience. Windows Media Center makes organizing and enjoying photos, music, DVDs, recorded TV, and home movies easier and more fun. Enjoy the entertainment on your PC or even on your TV in the living room with an Xbox 360 wirelessly networked to your PC. Windows Vista Home Premium with Service Pack 1 makes it easier to burn your photo slide shows and home movies to a professional-looking video DVD that your friends and family can watch on a DVD player or PC whenever they like. Combined with unbeatable support for gaming and music, Windows Vista Home Premium with Service Pack 1 delivers a complete home entertainment experience.

If you want a PC that can keep up with you while you're on the go, then you'll appreciate how Windows Vista Home Premium with Service Pack 1 helps you get the most from your mobile PC. It provides simplified power management, easier wireless networking, and streamlined ways to sync with the devices that keep you connected. Because it's incredibly flexible, you can even draw and write by hand on a Tablet PC, and enjoy all of your entertainment through Windows Media Center when you're on the road, in a coffee shop, or relaxing on the couch. Mobile computing has never been like this before.

Finally, Windows Vista Home Premium with Service Pack 1 makes it easier than ever to set up and maintain your new PC. There are new features that make it easier to transfer all of your data and settings from your old PC to your new one and technology that helps keep your system running quickly and reliably over time.

Whether you're balancing your checkbook, studying for school on your mobile PC, watching a downloaded or recorded movie at home, or sharing your favorite photos with friends on a custom DVD, the experience is much better on a PC running Windows Vista Home Premium with Service Pack 1.

Windows Vista Home Premium with SP1 32-bit for System Builders - 1 pack

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Multiple Ways to make money over the internet

There are multiple ways to make money over the internet my friend..

basically there are,

2. affiliate marketing
3. article marketing
4. create your own info products
5. service provider.
6. offline marketing (internet small business setup) -

You can choose either one to start. If you're new to this industry, i would suggest you become and affiliate or adsense publisher.

before you indulge in anything, do some reading and research.
good luck my friend.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A design for client

click to enlarge... update will be up soon..!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Traffic Rank and Its Relation With Site Linking In

The most important aspect that defines the rank of a site is how much it is linked with other sites. This is very true if you look into details of the number of site being linking in with top ranking site. I have done a little research and to prove this theory. - Rank no. 1 - site linking in : 656,011 - Rank no. 4 - site linking in : 258,619 - rank no.255 - site linking in : 3,474 - rank 4,507 - site linking in : 16,751 - rank 21,507 - site linking in : 3,528 - rank 31,583 - site linking in : 1,909
make money related blog - rank 157,954 - site linking in : 337 - rank 12,667,277 - site linking in : 2

You can see from the rank numbers and numbers of site linking in to it as proof.

Certainly, this answers Why is it important to build backlink. Good pageRank will do you good in getting first page on google or other search engine. so, go do article marketing and buy Angela's packet!

As written in

Friday, May 22, 2009

Currently there are more than 200 website promoting Commission Blueprint!

Is this product not great when up until the 20th pages there are still website promoting Commission Blueprint to their visitors.

To name a few i give you the topten topic of each site,

1. COMMISSION BLUEPRINT Review » Is The Scamometer SKY High?Commission Blueprint - My Honest Review - Is Commission Blueprint really worth your time and money? Check out a detailed review here first before you buy...


3. SCAM ALERT! Commission Blueprint Review: Commission Blueprint SCAM?Does Commission Blueprint Work? I've recently been given the opportunity to review this product, and all I can say is WOW! I really wish I had this resource ...

4.Commission Blueprint Scam? Review | Killer BonusDON'T Buy Commission Blueprint UNTIL You Read This Review. Commission Blueprint is a revolutionary product that'll take Clickbank marketing to a new and ...

5.Commission Blueprint ReviewRead this full commission blueprint review for the facts. Commission Blueprint is an .... Commission Blueprint Review. 24 Aug. 2008. ..
6. I Almost Bought Commission Blueprint | Lost Ball in High WeedsSo you go out to the web and look for “Commission Blueprint reviews” and you come upon page after page of bullshit Squidoo Lens, Hubpages and domain name ...

7.About Commission Blueprint - My personal review of Commission ...Review of Commission Blueprint. Find out the truth about commission blueprint before you buy it. See our independent review. Take your PPC Campaigns to ...

8.Commission Blueprint ReviewReview of Commission Blueprint by Steven Clayton and Tim Godfrey.

9.Commission Blueprint reviewLabels: buy commission blueprint, commission blueprint, commission blueprint bonus, commission blueprint review, purchase commission blueprint ...

All the site reviewing commission Blueprint is an example how reliable Commission Blueprint is and each and every one of them are sharing their own experience making money with commission Blueprint. At least, you can start getting better paychecks with clickbank in the next 30 days from now.

What are you waiting for, double your Clickbank sales with commission blueprint. Do i sound like i'm hyping CB or Commission Blueprint... i hope not, i juts want to stress out for internet beginners that this is the way to implement new tactics getting more sales with clickbank.

Ok.. cut the crap.. I'm not another person who never tried the product and simply want you to buy it...Commission Blueprint is the most hyped product around the internet lately.

But, The Strategy if put into test actually does work..

The two creators of Commission Blueprint said they make well over 500,000 in profits with Adwords alone. but why to they bother setting up this $77 product just to let others learn the same tactics they used.

They have around 18 detailed video to show you exactly how they did it.

Commission BluePrint

I would rather post a has tried rather than trying to sell this to you by not testing it. But as you know, even A millionaire like Ewen Chia suggested this..why not we give it a consideration.

By the way, i'm going to subscribe soon and put it into test. I'll let you know the result and wether Commission Blueprint should be your next 'ebook' you should purchase.

If you want to have look, i leave you with my affiliated link:

Commission Blueprint

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Commission Blueprint is not scam!

$109,151 Clickbank Secrets -Click Here

Yes, this one is for real.. Commission blueprint..4.95 for seven days...get the item now..i will upload screen shot of details soon. Even Ewen CHia recommends this to me.. Now i', recommending this to you..

take a look.

$109,151 Clickbank Secrets -Click Here

Friday, May 15, 2009

Google AdSense Case Study

This is a very inspiring Story how a site with many followers become successfull advertising with adsense.

Case study : Hometips :
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- nails down big revenue with Google AdSense.
Home advice website started out in a backyard clubhouse. Seeking a quiet, woodsy spot for writing home improvement books, author Don Vandervort converted the bottom floor of his sons' two-story treehouse into a small office. He launched from that office in 1997, essentially as an online portfolio to promote his books.

In the decade since, HomeTips has grown into a large and popular site, thanks to the authority Vandervort has developed and the volume of content he has collected and posted from his more than two dozen books, scores of magazine articles, and many television appearances on ABC and HGTV.


Until about three years ago, HomeTips' main source of revenue came from writing, publishing, and licensing books and content to other companies, such as Sunset Books and Microsoft. This business expanded significantly after Vandervort moved to larger offices in Glendale, California, and assembled a team of editors, writers, and artists.

Though his book and content business was thriving, the website's meager revenue came from online sales of guides and reports. When a visitor requested one of these, Vandervort would email it to them and trust them to send three dollars. "At that time, I couldn't find a good system for these small transactions," he recalls. "It was an interesting way for us to stay in touch with our visitors' needs, but a money-losing proposition. We needed advertising for the web business to be viable." But the small editorial team was far too busy working at their core business of creating content to develop an advertising program.

In 2003, Vandervort heard about the Google AdSense program and thought it might be helpful for creating incremental revenue that could work for HomeTips. As he notes, "It took about 20 minutes to set it up - and that 20 minutes completely changed our business."

He started by testing AdSense on a few pages. During the first week, he remembers that AdSense revenue paid for coffee; the second week, it paid for lunches. The model clearly worked, so he began expanding the program across the entire site. Now AdSense revenue pays for all salaries, overhead, and business development.

"Google's ability to deliver targeted ads is remarkable," says Vandervort. "In fact, because the ads are so relevant to the content on any given page, we believe that they are a very useful resource for our visitors. This is evidenced by the fact that, on many of our pages, more than 10 percent of our visitors click through to the advertisers for more information," he adds.

HomeTips now sees more than 1 million online visitors each month. "Solid content is the secret to developing a following," says Vandervort. "If you write expert content with your visitor's needs in mind, the rest will follow."

As the business has grown up, so have the sons whose backyard clubhouse Vandervort first commandeered for an office. Now they bring media experience to the business: Gabriel as a former writer/producer of shows for The History Channel and Christian as a cinematographer and film editor. HomeTips anticipates online video to be the next area of growth. "Nothing can show you how to do something as clearly and adeptly as a video," says Vandervort. "As we see the migration of advertising dollars from television to the web, we expect video content and advertising to do very well."

The HomeTips team constantly tests site design, navigation, and ad optimization to improve both the user experience and the success of advertising. Vandervort points out the fact that channel reporting and Google Analytics are a big help in this effort. "These analytics help us zero in on where we're doing the best job and where we need to do more. As a result, our performance just keeps going up."

What can you get from 1 Dollar these day?

Is this video for real? yeah, i made this video for promo on Youtube. But Really, you can give your one dollar a try.

BASIC - HOW do I Make Money?

How Do I Make Money Online?

Different Methods to actually get your first online cash from legitimate business.

The highly successfull internet marketing company started by Corey Rudl and Later Derek Gehl. I beleive every internet marketer in this world email inbox have received their newsletter. Seriously, those who haven't, if you are really into internet marketing and making money, but never heard of this company..then you should start today.

If you're curious about how to make money online, you've come to the right place! Here at the Internet Marketing Center, they have been teaching people how to make money online for over a decade. Internet Marketing Center or IMC students have built and grown profitable Internet business with little or no up-front investment and thousands of them now make money online with very little effort.

There are lots of ways to make money online -- here are some ideas to get you started.

Affiliate products. As an affiliate, you sell someone else's product for a percentage of the sale, and they take care of the rest. It's a risk-free way to make money online, because all you have to do is sell the product -- you don't have to worry about stocking, shipping or anything else.

Sell a service. The Internet is the ideal place to make money online by selling a service. Whether you deliver your service locally or via the Internet, you can easily make money online selling your service. Think of what you're good at, and then build a simple website to sell your service.

Electronic products. If you are serious about making money online, consider selling a downloadable electronic product. The beauty of electronic products is once they're created, you can make money online selling them over and over, without any additional cost to you! Consider writing an eBook on a subject you have unique knowledge on (and EVERYONE has something they're good at!) and make money online marketing your eBook to a niche market.

What Else Can I Sell to Make Money Online?

Paid subscriptions and memberships
. If you've got your finger on the pulse of an industry that changes often, or access to exclusive information not available anywhere else, you can make money online selling a paid subscription to a newsletter. Or, if you have the ability to bring together people who have mutual interests, consider a membership site to make money online.

Physical products. Selling a physical product online will cost you a bit more up-front, but if you want to make money online, you might want to try it. Make sure there is DEMAND for your product before you start sourcing it by doing keyword research. If the research tells you there's a market, go for it!

Join IMC, Internet Entrepreneur Club Today!

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Are you in America and want free stuff online?

Well, i recommend you go to to get a taste of every free sample they offer.

example of free samples.

1- Free sample of NicodermCQ® clear
2- Free magazine and healthy samples from Remedy®
3- Free Stuff for the Coming Baby®
4- Get a new Coach®™ Dooney & Bourke™ or Burberry™ Handbag™ Sign-up today
5- Free Baby® samples
6- Free sample of Prilosec OTC® to treat heartburn
7- Free subscription (6 issues) to AMERICAN BABY®
8- Free sample of John Frieda® Brilliant Brunette Liquid Shine
9- Free sample of Always® Infinity
10- Free sample of Poise®

get yours's fun guys..

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Linkshare - The Rokuten Company!

Have you ever tried marketing with linkshare? If you want to search for products online to market in your site, Linkshare will be a good resources for you.

They have large inventories of products that you can choose from companies that took part in its affiliate programme.

What you have to do is register an account with linkshare, after approval find a product from companies (linkshare advertiser) that you want to promote.

Linkshare has a lot of bignames and variety of categories. Linkshare advertiser sold physical products such as apparel, books, DVD, flight and hotel ticket, golf products, flowers with delivery, insurance and thousands of them.

There is no problem to start an online business without a product!

After you have carefully select to promote certain items, You would then have to apply to become a sales representative for that company, but first you have to be 'screened' by the company. Ususally the message will go as follow.,

Approval Guidelines

We encourage all interested sites to apply to our program. However, before you can participate in our program, we will need to approve your site. Mainly we look for sites that:
1. Are aesthetically pleasing
2. Do not display content that may be deemed pornographic or offensive

These are only general guidelines, and we reserve the right to make exceptions.

Please note that while we try to respond to approval requests quickly, we receive a high volume of approval requests every day. For this reason, you may not hear from us immediately. However, if you do not hear from us within a reasonable amount of time, or you have questions concerning our program, please let us know.

Please note that if you fail to meet the terms of our agreement we may remove you at any time.

After the standard approval guideline, you will be contact with emails with approval or denial message.

Companies that promote with linkshare are a bit fussy on the looks and content of your site,. Yes, they need to protect their brand and how related your site is with their product.

After the approval, you will get the linik to affilite resource with products 'affiliate code' to paste as html on your site.

Payment is handled by Linkshare.

Give a try..

Click to enlarge : Linkshare Categories image.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

31 Video Sharing directory

You can submit all your video's here for instant traffic. Taken from

Video sharing

YouTube() - YouTube is the king of the video sharing sites, it has more users and videos than the others. Any video you can think of it probably already on YouTube.
Google Video - Since Google bought YouTube, Google()’s Video player is mainly used for for-pay content like TV shows. Also there is a search here that indexes all of the video sharing sites on the internet (well, most of them). - Blip().tv is the perfect video sharing site for video podcast makers. It’s designed to let them easily upload all types and qualities of media and then send them to their feed for the users. They also let you add ads to you video so you can make some money.
Ourmedia - A great site where you can upload audio, video, images, and text and share them with the world. The OurMedia community contains over 100,000 members.
Veoh - Watch long form, television quality content and publish your own videos.
DailyMotion - Video sharing platform with multiple video search options. You can join groups of people who publish videos based on a common interest.
Metacafe - A site that helps you discover the best videos through a community that filters, reviews and rates new videos every day.
UnCut - Video uploading and sharing community by AOL. Embed all the videos you want in your blog.
ClipShack - video sharing community that allows you to upload video clips, make friends, keep a collection of your favorite videos and comment on clips.
5min - Video sharing site with a particular vision: collecting videos that can visually explain anything in 5 minutes.
Brightcove - Search, click and watch. Music videos, news, travel, recipes, adventure. Thousands of channels, including the best in online video.
Viddler - Viddler lets add tags and comments to video that will show up at specific times. It also has unique features like flickr and twitter integration.
Revver - The first video sharing site that provides users with the possibility to earn money from the videos they upload.
Vimeo() - Vimeo is a video sharing site that has an emphasis on it’s users. The video’s you find there are more likely to be home movies or shorts by aspiring film makers, and also a lot of lip dubs.
Yahoo Video - Yahoo’s version of online video. Similar to Google video, but done the Yahoo way.
HelpfulVideo - Share your knowledge and skills with others for free or little charge via video clips.
BroadbandSports - A video sharing site specifically for sharing sports related videos.
Travelistic - A video sharing site that allows users to post video content specific to travel.
Livevideo - Video sharing site that lets you create personal channels. Upload your own videos and share them with the world.
Kewego - A video sharing network where you can upload your own videos and view videos by others.
Godtube - It’s a Christian version of YouTube. All things Christian welcomed. - An interactive twist to video, this site allows you to view video and add interactive elements to it by using your mouse.
Mediabum - Video sharing site focusing on funny videos.
VMIX - Another video sharing website; All content is screened, so be sure everything you upload is legit.
Grouper - Video sharing site with a big selection of content; enables you to create playlists and easily upload videos to MySpace.
Break - Break is a video site and more for comedic based content.
Videosift - a Digg()-like site which lets you submit, vote, and comment on videos.
GeeVee - GeeVee is a video sharing site specifically for sharing videos of game play in video games.
Stage6 - A video site that uses the Divx player so you can upload High Definition video, of course this also means longer upload times, and you need DivX support (usually a browser plugin).
Tube Battle - vote for the best videos, organized by category.

P.S : Oh by the way, i don't really have time to link them all.
To link to the site just add

P.S.S : Good Luck with your site traffic!

How To Turn PDFs Into Word Documents? The Answer is here

Well this is the opposite. Imagine what we could do if we can turn PDFs into Word Document. Yes, The PDF can be reedit. It will do wonders for us...

I found this interesting article written by Rick Broida at here goes,

Ever wish you could edit a PDF file in Microsoft Word? Seems like that should be easy enough, especially when you're dealing with a document that's mostly text. Alas, a PDF is really just a collection of images, meaning you can't edit the contents in their native format.

Of course, there are pricey software utilities that will convert a PDF into Word-friendly text. But there's also PDF to Word, a Web service that accomplishes the same thing absolutely free.

All you do is upload your PDF and choose your desired output format: Word or Rich Text Format. Then you sit tight while the service works its magic, eventually sending you an e-mail with a link to download the converted document.

Best bet: Choose Word over RTF. Word conversions end up looking remarkably similar to your original PDFs. Ultimately, the quality varies from one document to another depending on its content, layout, etc.

This is one seriously handy tool, and you can't beat the price.

visit : to start converting!

Lessons of Internet Marketing From FreshDirect

During the current recession, companies are moving to the Internet at an accelerating rate, driven in part by the high fixed costs of offline distribution channels. As a result, ecommerce sales have steadily outperformed offline sales for several years now, and this pace should accelerate.

The company that epitomizes this Internet trend is Inc., which enjoyed its best holiday season in nine years in 2008, while traditional retailers were melting down. Amazon accomplished this mainly through two innovative strategies: 1.) by taking advantage of its virtual operating model; and 2.) by generating and using customer information more effectively than any of its traditional, offline retail competitors. Amazon's growth continued in the first quarter -- up 18% versus year-ago. And it's not just books and music, by the way, more than 40% of their sales are now in the "department store" categories they added after inception.

Today, many retailers are moving to the Internet hoping to emulate Amazon; they view this as an easy transition where they can pick up 'free sales' while saving on current infrastructure costs. But they are often unaware that the journey to the Internet is actually profound and challenging. At FreshDirect Inc., an Internet-based grocery delivery service in New York, we have learned that online customers are holding us to a higher standard. And if these customers can't get what they want, they can just as easily go to other online destinations.

At FreshDirect, our core mission is to change our customers' lives by giving them a superior on-line shopping experience. Our 'secret sauce' is our customer database, and the company's growing ability to use it to enhance our customers' experience. For as long as people have shopped with FreshDirect (which has been operating more than five years in the New York metro areas and is achieving real growth even today), the company knows the details of each time a customer has shopped on the site, every unit bought during those visits, and all service interactions. The company also knows exactly who its customers are when they enter the online store for a new shopping visit -- a loyal customer, a new customer, or a lapsed customer who has been away for awhile and needs to be welcomed back.

When you know your customer so well, you have the opportunity to change your whole managerial approach and really make the customer the king in your plans. This leads to what I call managing with intense customer focus.

At FreshDirect, the core of this intensity starts with daily focus. Each day our senior team starts with a formatted review of our immediate business -- yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Each manager uses customer-focused metrics to explain what is going right or wrong versus expectation and what we are doing about it. Shortfalls are addressed and successes are celebrated.

We bring additional customer focus by running about 140 customer surveys a year. We survey weekly, checking key metrics and items of topical importance like the economy or competition, and monthly on deeper topics such as product and service. We also analyze customers' verbatim survey responses to allow us to truly understand where customers have problems we can solve. For most businesses, this type of information is on the periphery of their operations. For us, it is at the center. With technology advances and proven analytical methods, there is no good reason not to use these techniques to get closer to the customer.

Let me give you a couple of examples of how we have used surveys to improve our business:

Packaging: Our customers rate our excess packaging as our most negative feature. I get some satisfaction seeing the broken down boxes as I walk around Manhattan, but our customers have told us loud and clear that this is a negative. Our excess packaging, however, is a result of a rather complex production process and it has been quite an effort to address this issue. But, given our customer focus, we knew we had to. We reworked our whole production process and are now reducing by 1.5 million boxes off a base of about 9 million annually. By the way, we know how this impacts every individual customer so we'll be able to communicate the improvement to each of them for every affected order. Of course, this saves us quite a bit of money, too -- service improvements usually do.
Produce: One of the key issues that customers tell us impedes their usage of FreshDirect is their inability to "squeeze the product". Or, in other words, to see what they shop for. So, again with major effort, we re-did our whole produce production flow (from buying to inventory management to fulfillment) and we now rate all our produce, daily, through a star system which appears on the site. More than 60% of our customers say they now use this service to guide their produce decisions.
Favorites: We have in our database each customer's entire history with us. We have an ability to database manage all this as the customer completes a visit and brings up on the cart page a few selected items, which are items the customer bought frequently in the past but not on this visit. We have only had this up for a couple of months and, already, 20% of our customers use it and they buy two more items, which is a 10% increase in their average order size. Our revenue generated is well above expectation.

Cross-selling: We also have what we call YMAL -- You Might Also Like -- otherwise known as cross-selling -- where we suggest various items customers might like to order to accompany an item in their cart. We have historically made suggestions based on our judgment of what items might be appropriately presented, but more recently we have used our database to suggests 6 items that customers have purchased alongside the featured item -- such as steak with steak sauce and potatoes. This feature, in addition to favorites, already contributes 5% of our total revenue.
All of these are examples of using our rich customer data, real-time, to enhance customer experience. Through this and similar steps, we have driven, year-to-year, the percent of our business done by loyal customers from approximately 25% to, last week, 59% of our total sales. The result of this is a happier customer and, obviously, more revenue for us. After all, it is cheaper and more effective to make current customers more loyal than to spend money attracting new customers. We are profitable and finished the first quarter with a year-to-year growth rate of 15% in what is obviously a particularly difficult economic environment.

But, of course, we can do better -- and we will. I believe real Internet marketing is still in its infancy. Too much attention has been given to digital advertising, and not enough to the creation of loyal customer relationships, which are especially valuable in the "one-click" purchasing environment. The focus on digital advertising has led to a proliferation of clicks and visitors (and declining conversion rates to boot), but has failed to capture the transformative power of the Internet. The true power of Internet marketing is the ability to interact to develop superior customer knowledge and real-time rhythm to significantly build one's business.

This Article is written By RICK BRADDOCK | Special to THE WALL STREET JOURNAL

IDevAffiliate - Affiliate Tracking SOftware, Affiliate Program Software Review

Another usefull tools if you want to create your own affiliate program for your business is IDevAffiliate, a company setup in year 1999 has been very strong since today. I have been a member of a lot of associate program, which i notice, from all of them many has use IdevAffiliate Affiliate Program Software. From Guitar Training based product, a number of webhosting site, Horse supplies company, dog training program and a lot more. The Question is why they choose IDevAffiliate?

Is it because the $99 per license is affordable?

Let read the overview of Idev Affiliate,

(image of IdevAffiliate platinum version)

Adding affiliate tracking software to your site is one of the most effective ways to achieve more sales, more traffic and more search engine ranking! Our affiliate software installs in just minutes and through the use of Smarty Templates, easily integrates into your existing website.

The Industry Leader
Since 1999, iDevAffiliate is the original in self managed affiliate software! iDevAffiliate was hand coded from scratch by the same team that provides your technical support! iDevAffiliate is not a product we're reselling for someone else and it isn't something we've pieced together from several other lesser quality products.

When choosing an affiliate management program you have to avoid escalating cost. What is best about IDevAffiliate is there is only one time payment method with;

[yes] No Monthly Fees!
[yes] Your License Never Expires!
[yes] One Year of Free Upgrades!
[yes] You own it, you host it, you manage it!

What i can say here is from the features IDevAffiliate Program provided with very little cost is value for money

Lets Look at the Key Features of IDevAffiliate

iDevAffiliate literally has thousands of features, functions and configuration combinations. We've listed the most prominent features below.

Extensive Payout Options
[yes]Pay-Per-Sale (Percentage).
[yes]Pay-Per-Sale (Flat Rate Payout).
[yes]Pay-Per-Click (Unique Visitors Only).
[yes]Create up to 100 payout levels for each payout style.
[yes]Payout styles and levels adjustable per affiliate.
[yes]Affiliates can choose their payout style - optional.
[yes]Change individual accounts - payout styles, levels, etc.
[yes]Block payout styles from individual affiliates.

Built-In Affiliate Marketing
[yes]All linking codes are automatically generated.
[yes]Unlimited text ads (just like Google AdWords).
[yes]Unlimited banners (including flash banners).
[yes]Unlimited text links.
[yes]Unlimited full page HTML ads.
[yes]Email links are automatically created. Marketing Groups
[yes]Custom keyword link creation by affiliates. Set alternate incoming URL
[yes]Email friends & directly in the affiliate account. Upload unique content to
each marketing group.
[yes]Offline marketing module included in all versions. Run multiple websites from
one installation.

Among the Standard and Advance feature of iDevAffiliate it allows you to :

[yes]Manually or automatic approval of accounts.
[yes]Manually or automatic approval of commissions.
[yes]Optional signup bonus.
[yes]Optional balance requirement before payout.
[yes]You Host and Manage Admin Center Reports & Statistics
[yes]Customize iDevAffiliate
[yes]Affiliate Control Panel Reports & Statistics
[yes]Advanced Security Features
[yes]Adjustable tracking expiration.
[yes]Optional PayPal Payments
[yes]Pay your affiliates with PayPal.
[yes]PayPal mass pay feature.

And a lot more..IDevAffiliate is Value for money


To start your own affiliate business without acquiring the help of third party affiliate manager such as clickbank, comissionjunction, linkshare and shareasale, IdevAffiliate is a bargain and valueformoney. You get to manage firsthand all your affiliate and best of all run your own customize online campaign.

The other only best competitor for idevAffiliate i would say is got to be Assotrac from internet Marketing Center.

But for the price and features it Provide IdevAffiliate is your solution to creating and running your very own Affiliate Program.

Click here to visit or purchase iDevAffiliate Program Software.

Try The iDevAffiliate Demo

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Make Money Online : I found this great post by Frank Carr

From his helpful blog.

The topic is, Earn Online Cash with a Niche Adsense Blog

Very helpful for malaysian, and all the free blogging but still make money types of people! come and join Frank site

a little excerpts:

One way to earn cash online is with Google Adsense. Yes, everybody and their brother’s sister’s cousin is using it on their website and they’ll probably telling you that they consider themselves lucky to be making $8 and change in a month. Why is it that they’re earnings are so low? Well, there are some reasons for that and they should become obvious to you as we work through this article.

What we want to work on are simple sites that will earn an average of $10 a day using Adsense. I know this isn’t a huge amount of money, only about $300 a month. However, it’s relatively easy to create such a blog so you can setup at least 3 sites per month without too much trouble. Soon it begins to add up to some really decent earnings. I’m also going to concentrate primarily on using free tools to do this. While there are paid tools like SEO Elite, Keyword Elite, Bookmarking Demon and many others that can help automate this process I’m going to concentrate on the cheapest route to earning cash online here.

read more >>>

Earn Online Cash with a Niche Adsense Blog

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Real Cost of Internet Business Infrastructure

Despite the profit that can be generated through internet marketing, i have list down the cost of Internet Business Infrastructure and Tools which is vital to have a steady and automated business.

************************************************** **

The Real Cost of Internet Business Infrastructure:

1. Domain & Hosting
a. as low as 4.65 permonth
Price differs with the package you choose.

Free :

2. Email Marketing Software and Autoresponder
a. Mailloop - one time cost
b.Aweber - monthly
c. Icontact - monthly
d.Getresponse - monthly

Free :
30 day trial mostly from b to d.
With advertisement.

3. Download Security Link Software For Your Digital Product
a. DLGuard - around $100++ for two domains.

free :
php with password. But you need to be able to edit and html/php coding.
but you can outsourced. ($$)

4. SEO, Backlink /Article Marketing
a. Free with numerous Ezine (EZA, AB and so on)

b. For for quality backlink - Article Submission Directory, sold in packets - - cost around $8-12 month.

Manual submission or outsource ( you set the cost for outsource - $$ involved)
social bookmarking - free

5. Link Cloaking

More professional such as in email marketing
will have some $$ cost incurred.

TinyURL - Free
TinyCC - Free

Link Tracking - with aweber and most autoresponder - included

6. Paid Advertising - PPC

a. Adwords - depends how much money $$ you want to invest
others - kontera, bidvertiser, advertlets, and others..

b. Newsletter - Buy $$ ad in popular newsletter - (the cost depends on the owner of the newsletter)

c. Forum Marketing - Pay for monthly or quarterly charges $$

It is vital to keep the cost as low as possible, but find the best way to optimize sales with less $$ involved.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Ewen Chia - The Internet Millionaires Master Mind

As an internet marketers, you would not know Ewen Chia. I've been exposed to his ads and email almost everyday. It was after years of knowing him through his add, i finally decide to take the move and buy his product. and guess what, his product was not a dissapointing one.

I bought Two Products from him which is,

1. Digital product : InternetMarketingSystem with PLR and
2. Book - How i made my first million on the internet.

what i can assure you, Ewen tells it all in his mentoring product. He share the same exact tactics that he use in serious Money Making Online.

He make money while helping others solve their problem. Remember, you can make money by solving others people problem. How you can do it with very low budget? here is some tips.

1. Go to or a yahoo answers and look for unsolved problem.
2. Search, with google or yahoo, is there any product to solve this problem, wether it is physical or digital.
3. do your research and create a page, you can use a free one with and just create a site with name like,

4. Make product page and create your link to buy the product. Answer a few question that your market is looking for in your blog .

5. Go to, make a slideshow, register a youtube account, and upload your video to youtube with youtube upload video function.
6. Write at least 6 article and post it in or

7. update your blog.
8. Drag your youtube video into somebody else video with 'related video or video response'

9. Monetize with adsense if you like.
10. Go to and monitor your traffic. - what drives them there? Which keyword do they search for and got linked to your site.
11. write an article on that.
12. Make new video and post it with links to your site.

Fair enough? well, give it a try!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Chris Farrell's wil help you to create your first website

and he said that by 3.45, it can be done.

Most people need to have several website to start earning money online. Well, some need a few pages to generate sales. But seriously i have two friends that's been making serious money from Amazon and Adsense. From waht i can tell you, they have been writing online for 11 years and my other friend has been writing reviews for 6 years. and each of them has over than 4,000 pages of content.

So with more than 4,000 pages of original content, what can you expect..? of course Thousands of clicks for Adsense and Amazon sales.

They Key here is Content , original and high quality. This is what you realy need to start earning online.

Chris on the other hand is offering great help in his recent book - to help us you make your first website and start earning money from it. maybe you can have a peek at what chris is offering.

Oh ya, the usual ebook in pdf format but with more than 43 videos to help you get started. YES, 43 helpful VIDEOS.

Wait no longer, visit the link priveded. click here now!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Have You Open Your Account yet?

PayPal is the easiest and cheapest way to sell your product online, transaction rates is as low as 2.4% + $0.30 USD.

PayPal is easy and free to set up. No monthly, start-up, or cancellation fees – and no annual commitment. Paypal also accept all major credit cards and you can easily increase sales with PayPal by an average of 14%.

I can assure you if you add PayPal to your business, you are open to millions of customers worldwide. As a merchant or a private seller, operating your sales and payment with paypal is a lot easier.

Based on current research 83% of online shoppers prefer to pay with credit cards.Increase sales

Recently the owner of Paypal, sells paypal to and he open a new company called

Why wait? Open PayPal account now.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Secure Download Page with DLGuard

DL Guard provide secure download page for your digital product. No more seeing your download links spread all over website and forums for free download.

DL Guard is highly secure and safe. It provides you with ease of mind. It works and what you have to do is sent more promotional emails with its customer management system provided with every purchased of DL Guard.

Here are some of the screenshot of DLGuard.

[Yes]DLGuard is recommended by Warriorforum
Get DLGuard Today!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ewen Chia Internet Wealth Basics

Make Money Online with Ewen Chia Internet Wealth Basics.

Ewen Chia - - Secrets To Internet Wealth! Discover The Simple 3-Step System To Massive Internet Income Every Single Day! Make 75% Commissions Daily -Get *free* Affiliate Training Worth $497.00Click Here!

Blogger 3 column free template

Need a refreshing 3 column templates for your blogger account?

well, You can get it from

Template Styles: 3 column, 2 column, light, dark, blue, pink, green, red, orange, yellow, brown, gray, minimalistic, artistic, monochromatic, web2.0, niche,

Yahoo Small Business - Hosting Service

Have You decided on webhoting for your small business? Here is what Yahoo Small Business has to offer.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Is it that simple...???

My recent post.. spend a hefty 7000 but still no idea? i hope you really read those ebook you bought.

Hmm..You got to start somewhere Gova.

1. Do you have a hobby?

2. Are any of those 7K ebook with PLR - Private Label

Rights? ( so that you can resell them)

3. Remember, certain ebooks are time sensitive, better

act quick.

4. Do you know how to activate a blog or website ? do

you have a website Gova?

5. Go to wordtracker and do some research. ( i believe

most of the ebook tells you this)

6. Find something with less competition.

7. Go to Yahoo Answers or ask jeeves to find Question

and help seek by internet user.

8. Find a solution (physical products or ebook) for that

particular problem.

9. Become an affiliate

10. Write and Publish article on how to solve the problems (with your researched

keyword in it)

11. Write and post daily...(repeat many times)

12. Build list (opt-in)

Gova, I'm sure all the ebooks tells you this. You Need to 'spark' that action from yourself.

Good luck!


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Drupal oh Drupal (Open Source CMS)

Hi Guys,

I must say that after all these years managing various site, i personally recommend Drupal for your site. It is a great content management and web building service. Free of course and like many other open source content management system, Drupal has helpful bunch of programmers-friend ready to answer your technical glitch.

It has wonderful templates, and it is much easier to use the 'blocks' to customize your look.

downloading and installing the modules are easy.

What you do is, register a domain, i personally use or, buy a personal hosting plan + domain (.com) for USD22. (about 3 hours to activate), get my log in password send via email then i would login to Cpanel.

After that, just select 'fantastico' the icon with the (blue color) LOL! and install your Drupal. To make sure drupal page is on the frontpage, before you install go to >file manager and delete the existing >public HTML folder.

When you select install Drupal, (leave blank to be on the main page), it will automatically be your landing page.

Then you can easily add new modules, text WYSIG editor, adsense, image gallery, and all the 'stuff' you need. you can link it with forum, manage user and more stuff.

At first i was like having a headache managing all editing and works with Drupal, but after a while, i'm glad i started with it. Drupal just make it easier.

Good luck guys..

How E-mail Automation Can Save your Precious Time and Grow your Business Up to 240%!

Are you drowning in a sea of email chores...? Sure, email is now considered to be one of the top 3 essential Internet marketing strategies:

Based on research or maybe little did we know, A single email campaign can be worth $1,000s (if not TENS of $1,000s) in sales -- in less than 24 hours.

And unlike like other form of offline advertising, there are NO printing, envelope, or postage costs to take a bite out of your profits -- email is FREE to send.

The PROBLEM is, unless you automate your email chores early in your business lifecycle, what you're *saving* on postage and printing costs COULD be eaten up by 100s of wasted hours.

It's not really FREE to send an email campaign if it takes you 3 days to actually get it out the door!


Automation saves a great deal of our time. Those valuable time can be spend to develop a more important chores such as developing our content, developing an affliate system and maybe start another niche product in different website.

We Don't want to spend four to six hours daily just to;

1. Sending e-mail campaigns and newsletters. (some people don't even know where to start!)

2. Reply to Hundreds of email from potential buyers daily. (This may takes Countless HOURS)

3. Sending "customer service" e-mails to NEW customers and subscribers!

(You have to select manually each customer campaign and newsletter series, plus, sent them the

correct email, .I think you can manage this if you have like 5-15 subscribers, but what about

50-100 customer? and when your business starts Flooding in with 'POTENTIAL BUYERS'?

4. Keeping your e-mail list "clean" -- to prevent spam complaints! If you use normal mail client,

by sending like ten uncostomize email, you will be considered spamming.

SO what is the Ideal Email Solution for your business? Your E-mail Should be able to :

1. Easily collect email addresses from an opt-in form on your website
2. Subscribe and unsubscribe people from your list automatically
3. Import existing lists of opt-in customers and subscribers
4. Send professional-looking email campaigns -- in text and HTML
5. Manage MULTIPLE newsletters from one interface
6. Automate your customer service with autoresponders
7. Send automated "follow-up" emails with unlimited autoresponders

Email Automation can work 'wonders' if you are a Large Company with multiple clients in different product segements. for example, imagine if you a running an elecrical appliances store and also you sell telecommunications product such as cell phone. If you have database af your customer in each two main product, you can send different sets of email promoting on your next offer. surely you can target both side of your potential buyers.

If you run a home based business, it is very helpful, as you don't have to do all the 'Time Consuming' Chores any longer. More and more Internet business owner are shifting into email automation. they doesn't really any longer on normal e-mail client. If you can see these potential, opting to one of the emailautomation services is vital for your growth.

In the market right now they are currently more than 26,000,000 results if you type the email automation software keyword. But instead of explaining all of them. i would like to bring your attention to two of the most widely used Email Automation Software which is,

1. Mailloop and;

2. Aweber.

Both Mailloop and Aweber are among the best, strongest and reliable email automation software. Here's why,

They both qualify for what an email automation software should do. They basically help us do all the chores such as collecting emails from opt-in from, store the customers data on database and also provide subscribing automation, with confirmation links.

The most important thing is these software both personalized follow up letters and automatically sent to each of your subscribers at regular, predetermined intervals, building trust and rapport between you and your subscribers!

If youre thinking and i mean you should opt to these services to help you reduce stressfull hours of customizing each email campaign to your customer.

Corey Rudl once wrote in his article about personalization,

If you've been collecting people's names when they opt into your list, then you've got a very powerful piece of information. Nothing makes people sit up and take notice like hearing -- or in this case, seeing -- their own name.

Personalizing your promotions is one of the most widely used tricks in direct marketing, yet it still works like absolute magic!

I learned firsthand how effective this technique is a few years ago when I decided to conduct a little marketing experiment. I took a small list of my customers and split it in half, then sent an e-mail to each group that was exactly the same, with only ONE exception. The subject line of the first e-mail read:

here's all the info you need

The subject line of the second e-mail, which had EXACTLY the same body as the first e-mail, had been customized to display the recipient's name. For example:

Bob, here's all the info you need

Now, I had a hunch that the personalized subject line would do better than the generic one. In fact, I was sure of it. But what I discovered surprised even me! The campaign I ran with the personalized subject line had a response rate 64% higher than the one without!

And that was the ONLY difference between the two campaigns! The body of the e-mail was identical in both cases, and so was the offer. It was just that one small change in the subject line that boosted the response by 64%!

As you can see, if you HAVEN'T been personalizing your e-mail promotions, now is definitely a good time to start. Can you imagine what a 64% increase in sales and profits would do for YOUR bottom line?

Of course, you can personalize the body of your e-mail as well as the subject line, and you can use ANY information you've collected about your customers and subscribers, not just their names.

Lucky for us now, these email automation software has already existed to help us further in Marketing, and the 64% conversion rate, your business is going to skyrocket immediately!

The only clear differences between these two email automation software is the price and terms of payment. Mailloop offers a one time setup fee with dozens of bonuses included to help newbies, and Aweber provide monthly credit card subscription fee depending on the services included.

Bot have the pro's and contrast. The decision is for you to make. One time setup fee is much more beneficial in the long run and you get the full services provided.


It doesnt matter how big or small your business or company is. Email Automation Software such as Mailloop, Aweber and many others will help you a lot doing all the massive email marketing chores. It is vital to have one in the early stages of your business.

You need an email automation software to bring your business to the next level. You need email automation software such as Mailloop and Aweber as it saves you time, reduce stress, build customer loyalty, increase conversion ratios, and you simply make more 240% of money!

For more Information visit : (Free ebook) (with free 30 days test-drive)


CoffeeCup FreeForm Builder

I use coffeecup freeform builder to build form in my site. it is useful and easy to use. The form can be cusotmize to great details.

For fellow marketers who would like to create a simple and less hassle opt-in form, then you might consider CoffeeCup FreeForm builder.

Profit optimuzation group..

a little contribution to somebody..

i made this for a fellow web forum members..

Monday, February 16, 2009

Proton MPV EXORA, Proton EXORA, The MPV Name Finally Revealed!

Finally, saya dapat text msg dari sales representatives.. Proton MPV akan dinamakan Proton EXORA.. siapala yang bertuah tak payah beli MPV tu sebab menang contest yang di adakan Proton.

Dengar info terkini soft launch and teaser akan dilancarkan pada Sabtu ni. Tu yang di Melaka lah.. tempat lain saya tak pasti.

So.. Proton MPV EXORA, EXORA Proton MPV.. saya nak pegi booking sekarang.

Proton MPV Exora ini adalah kereta MPV dalam segment 'M'. Segment 'M' ni pesaing seperti Avanza (Toyota), Grand Livina (Nissan), Rondo (Naza).

Panjangnye slightly lebih daripada Toyoto Wish.
Enjin. 1.6 Campro CPS. - orang kata tak cukup kuat untuk carry bebannye dan 7 penumpang. tapi dari sumber yang saya dapat tahu, proton dah increase dari segi Torque dan ....(lupa). So, ia mampu berjalan dengan lancar.

Teaser Proton MPV EXORA akan mula disiarkan di TV. So, anda bolehlah menyaksikannya selain daripada gambar-gambar dari Paultan.ORG

Hebatnya internet sekarang, nak beli kereta pun tak perlu tengok live, dari blog pun orang dah sanggup pergi order. macam saya, InsyaAllah.

bermulanya Softlaunch nanti bermakna, Proton dan boleh mula ambik booking. D/Pyment 1K.

Sedikit lagi informasi, setakat yang saya tahu, Proton MPV EXORA ini ada dua jenis. (betulkan kalau saya silap)

B-Line dengan High Line.
Semua Proton MPV EXORA dalam gear automatik. - takda keluaran manual.
Platform yang digunakan sama dengan Waja, Gen2-,persona, Satria Neo CPS.
Nak buat platform, based on Tengku Mahaleel kata dulu about RM500Juta.
Sebab tu negara luar yang mass production and global order boleh cover cost.

Proton guna the same platform.
Tuning of course - Lotus.
Brek Belakang - drum Brake, sama macam Grand Livina.
ada Bluetooth.

(dashboard je, kurang menarik)

Proton MPV EXORA yang High Line dilengkapi dengan DVD Player/USB dengan skrin 8' lebih. (apa yang diceritakan pada saya)

Harga...hah ni yang susah nak beat oleh pesaing.

lebih kurang;
Bline - RM70,000
Hline - RM74,500

Pesaing kecuali Avanza semua 80K plus.

Proton MPV Exora ini untuk keluarga medium income group macam saya. (lower medium)

Mampu milik, praktikal, ... itu yang saya ada informasi setakat ni.


Monday, February 9, 2009

Nine-year-old writes hit iPhone app

Child Programmer

You might think you're pretty hot stuff because you've figured out how to change your Facebook status from your iPhone, but you've got nothing on nine-year-old Lim Ding Wen.

This young prodigy from Singapore is fluent in six programming languages, according to a BBC report this week, and his newest creation, an iPhone drawing game called Doodle Kids, has racked up over 4,000 downloads in just two weeks. He wrote it for his younger sisters, who love to draw.

Doodle Kids, which lets players sketch with their fingers on the iPhone's screen and shake it, Etch-A-Sketch-style, to clear, has already racked up a healthy three-and-a-half star rating on the App Store. One reviewer commented: "Awesome app!...Amazing that something like this was made by a 9 year old".


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Sunday, February 8, 2009

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