Monday, May 4, 2009

The Real Cost of Internet Business Infrastructure

Despite the profit that can be generated through internet marketing, i have list down the cost of Internet Business Infrastructure and Tools which is vital to have a steady and automated business.

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The Real Cost of Internet Business Infrastructure:

1. Domain & Hosting
a. as low as 4.65 permonth
Price differs with the package you choose.

Free :

2. Email Marketing Software and Autoresponder
a. Mailloop - one time cost
b.Aweber - monthly
c. Icontact - monthly
d.Getresponse - monthly

Free :
30 day trial mostly from b to d.
With advertisement.

3. Download Security Link Software For Your Digital Product
a. DLGuard - around $100++ for two domains.

free :
php with password. But you need to be able to edit and html/php coding.
but you can outsourced. ($$)

4. SEO, Backlink /Article Marketing
a. Free with numerous Ezine (EZA, AB and so on)

b. For for quality backlink - Article Submission Directory, sold in packets - - cost around $8-12 month.

Manual submission or outsource ( you set the cost for outsource - $$ involved)
social bookmarking - free

5. Link Cloaking

More professional such as in email marketing
will have some $$ cost incurred.

TinyURL - Free
TinyCC - Free

Link Tracking - with aweber and most autoresponder - included

6. Paid Advertising - PPC

a. Adwords - depends how much money $$ you want to invest
others - kontera, bidvertiser, advertlets, and others..

b. Newsletter - Buy $$ ad in popular newsletter - (the cost depends on the owner of the newsletter)

c. Forum Marketing - Pay for monthly or quarterly charges $$

It is vital to keep the cost as low as possible, but find the best way to optimize sales with less $$ involved.


Signupandmakemoney said...

I like the post. I think what you are doing with this blog is the right way to go. Blogger is free and you are able to monetize as well. Why pay if you don't have to?

Shah said...

Hi, thanks for dropping by.. iw ould recommend your site as well. you have good content.

anyway, i beleive the most efficient and cost effective way which you still can make money is with this kind of blog and monetization.

Do you know grizzy? he does make money with free.

A real domain, makes you look much professional, which is essential for public image.

I have business with some monthly recurring bill as well. but, i choose this as a cash funelling with less hassle..