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IDevAffiliate - Affiliate Tracking SOftware, Affiliate Program Software Review

Another usefull tools if you want to create your own affiliate program for your business is IDevAffiliate, a company setup in year 1999 has been very strong since today. I have been a member of a lot of associate program, which i notice, from all of them many has use IdevAffiliate Affiliate Program Software. From Guitar Training based product, a number of webhosting site, Horse supplies company, dog training program and a lot more. The Question is why they choose IDevAffiliate?

Is it because the $99 per license is affordable?

Let read the overview of Idev Affiliate,

(image of IdevAffiliate platinum version)

Adding affiliate tracking software to your site is one of the most effective ways to achieve more sales, more traffic and more search engine ranking! Our affiliate software installs in just minutes and through the use of Smarty Templates, easily integrates into your existing website.

The Industry Leader
Since 1999, iDevAffiliate is the original in self managed affiliate software! iDevAffiliate was hand coded from scratch by the same team that provides your technical support! iDevAffiliate is not a product we're reselling for someone else and it isn't something we've pieced together from several other lesser quality products.

When choosing an affiliate management program you have to avoid escalating cost. What is best about IDevAffiliate is there is only one time payment method with;

[yes] No Monthly Fees!
[yes] Your License Never Expires!
[yes] One Year of Free Upgrades!
[yes] You own it, you host it, you manage it!

What i can say here is from the features IDevAffiliate Program provided with very little cost is value for money

Lets Look at the Key Features of IDevAffiliate

iDevAffiliate literally has thousands of features, functions and configuration combinations. We've listed the most prominent features below.

Extensive Payout Options
[yes]Pay-Per-Sale (Percentage).
[yes]Pay-Per-Sale (Flat Rate Payout).
[yes]Pay-Per-Click (Unique Visitors Only).
[yes]Create up to 100 payout levels for each payout style.
[yes]Payout styles and levels adjustable per affiliate.
[yes]Affiliates can choose their payout style - optional.
[yes]Change individual accounts - payout styles, levels, etc.
[yes]Block payout styles from individual affiliates.

Built-In Affiliate Marketing
[yes]All linking codes are automatically generated.
[yes]Unlimited text ads (just like Google AdWords).
[yes]Unlimited banners (including flash banners).
[yes]Unlimited text links.
[yes]Unlimited full page HTML ads.
[yes]Email links are automatically created. Marketing Groups
[yes]Custom keyword link creation by affiliates. Set alternate incoming URL
[yes]Email friends & directly in the affiliate account. Upload unique content to
each marketing group.
[yes]Offline marketing module included in all versions. Run multiple websites from
one installation.

Among the Standard and Advance feature of iDevAffiliate it allows you to :

[yes]Manually or automatic approval of accounts.
[yes]Manually or automatic approval of commissions.
[yes]Optional signup bonus.
[yes]Optional balance requirement before payout.
[yes]You Host and Manage Admin Center Reports & Statistics
[yes]Customize iDevAffiliate
[yes]Affiliate Control Panel Reports & Statistics
[yes]Advanced Security Features
[yes]Adjustable tracking expiration.
[yes]Optional PayPal Payments
[yes]Pay your affiliates with PayPal.
[yes]PayPal mass pay feature.

And a lot more..IDevAffiliate is Value for money


To start your own affiliate business without acquiring the help of third party affiliate manager such as clickbank, comissionjunction, linkshare and shareasale, IdevAffiliate is a bargain and valueformoney. You get to manage firsthand all your affiliate and best of all run your own customize online campaign.

The other only best competitor for idevAffiliate i would say is got to be Assotrac from internet Marketing Center.

But for the price and features it Provide IdevAffiliate is your solution to creating and running your very own Affiliate Program.

Click here to visit or purchase iDevAffiliate Program Software.

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