Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Make Money Online : I found this great post by Frank Carr

From his helpful blog.

The topic is, Earn Online Cash with a Niche Adsense Blog

Very helpful for malaysian, and all the free blogging but still make money types of people! come and join Frank site

a little excerpts:

One way to earn cash online is with Google Adsense. Yes, everybody and their brother’s sister’s cousin is using it on their website and they’ll probably telling you that they consider themselves lucky to be making $8 and change in a month. Why is it that they’re earnings are so low? Well, there are some reasons for that and they should become obvious to you as we work through this article.

What we want to work on are simple sites that will earn an average of $10 a day using Adsense. I know this isn’t a huge amount of money, only about $300 a month. However, it’s relatively easy to create such a blog so you can setup at least 3 sites per month without too much trouble. Soon it begins to add up to some really decent earnings. I’m also going to concentrate primarily on using free tools to do this. While there are paid tools like SEO Elite, Keyword Elite, Bookmarking Demon and many others that can help automate this process I’m going to concentrate on the cheapest route to earning cash online here.

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Earn Online Cash with a Niche Adsense Blog

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