Monday, June 30, 2008

Malaysian and Clickbank, camna nak buat?

Hmm.. this is one of the setback for malaysian yang nak buat business selling ebook from clickbank. Malaysian cannot register account because there is too much credit card fraudelent with people in this country.

This issue was outdated and 'lapok' actually. But what i actually do is, i register under a 'trusted' friends name and address which is not from malaysia. But i do the marketing. This does not violate clickbank terms and condition. but i got to share the pie with him lah. Not making much either. thats was 3 years back.

Now malaysian are seen to be moving forward quite drastically in the last 2 years. Even if there is no clickbank, other option are still there to earn money online. Malaysian are aggresive in terms of making money. Participation in online investment is perhaps the eye opener to the power of internet and its possibilities though what happens was really bad.

These days, more website are published and more people are participating. new bloggers + netprenuers make their way online everyday. This is a good sign, imagine if all of us are interelated and are linked to each other. Bigger 'targeted' network resulted better SEO and traffic.

p.s . : checkout,,

my Amazon Associate site

oh..almost forgot.. ths is my site selling from

i sell watches and customize my website with drupal.

any reviews? (it's what they always ask in amazon discussion board.. :)

by the way i make very little money at the moment with Amazon Associate monthly. less than USD100. have to work harder and provide more content. i need to expand the collection of watches.

Amazon Associate

Becoming an amazon Associate means that you have access to millions of products. With every products you can create you own niche. Select for example books on physics, then you buy a domain and hosting for RM70 ( the basic plan, and you are ready to go with a physic selling book website.

Amazon got all the coolest looking widget to trigger your site visitors. I use to know a guy named Gary Tooze, the owner of He translated his love for Movie and made more than 4,000 pages of reviews on the DVD that he owns and watches. Adjusting with the Amazon associate function he made his ways to make thousands every month selling DVD.

Gary is also an example of no nonsense and just work attitude, where you can see from his determination and hobby, others established magazine did interviewed him and use his reviews.

visit Gary website to learn and purchase his collection of eclectic DVD

my point is, make us of Amazon Associate program. Amazon may not have the time to create a niche or detail marketing for every product. that's why they recruited associate.

With Amazon Associate, you can build your own store, using a-store. and get paid commissions around 4% and it will grow until 8% depending on the item you sell.

Give it a try..

Technology to Earn $Money$ Online

Do you need much technology to earn money? no, its not the main thing. but technology supplements your money making effort and it makes it easier.

To make $money$ and more $money$ online all you need is a good product and proper marketing skills which you can acquire. Nowadays we have blog, content management system such as mambo, drupal, joomla, to name a few..

Prior to your success is a good product. If you do not have product , you still can make $money$ online, by providing information through blogging. Being a consisten blogger like paul tan, 5xmom and a few other successful bloggers, by providing reviews, information you can get quite a lot of cash.

but for me, the most successful person i know, who earns a good amount of money from adsense by providing free information got to be Ann Zeise of, as claimed in one of our fav boards where we can exchange each other view, Ann made a whopping $9,0++ USD from adsense everymonth. she evens manage to employs her family members from her online income. If everyone can be as consitent as Ann Zeise whoo writes daily because of love to her subject, beng involve almost 10 years if im not mistaken and yet she is over 50years old.

Hi Ann Zeise, i just couldn't help to share your wisdom and success story.

So, where does technology stands? it is persistent and consistent that is very much needed n making $money$ and more $money$ online... just get the web template right start posting.

These days, blog is better than providing newsletter!

Spain emerge victorious!

Feliz Navidad! The Champs are Spain! they have clinched EURO 2008 title competition through a stable journey. allready a favourite as they currently are in the 4th place from FIFA world ranking, Spain has added a NEW collection in their hall of fame after 44 years. Their Last major title was winning the European Championship in 1964.

it is a wonderful celebration for the 40million citizen in Spain. (Gosh : See the number '4' being repeated on my writings.

News Around The world On SPAIN Victory!

1.Winning Euro, Spain Finally Triumphs on Big Stage
The New York Sun - 3 minutes agoBy beating Germany 1–0 in the Euro 2008 final yesterday, Spain ended its long run of big-tournament disappointments. For the nation of more than 40 million, it was only its second major tournament title, and its first since winning the 1964 European Championship, 44 years ago. Spain deserved to win this match. It had more shots on goal and kept the ball on the German side of the field for most ...2.Spain beat Germany to become Euro Champions

Russian Information Agency Novosti - 1 hour, 9 minutes agoVIENNA, June 30 (RIA Novosti) - Spain lifted the European Championship trophy Sunday night, their first major soccer title for 44 years in a deserved 1-0 win over Germany in the Euro-2008 finals at the Ernst Happel Stadion in Vienna.3.It's a brand new trophy that Spain got as champs

IANS via Yahoo! India News - Jun 29 9:18 PMVienna, June 30 (IANS) Spain, the new European football champion, received the EURO 2008 trophy Sunday night at a colourful ceremony attended by royalty and boisterous fans. Yet this is not the trophy that Spain held in its hand when it last won the same championship 44 years ago.4.It's a brand new trophy that Spain got as champs

New Kerala - 2 hours, 19 minutes agoBy Mehru Jaffer, Vienna, June 30 : Spain, the new European football champion, received the EURO 2008 trophy Sunday night at a colourful ceremony attended by royalty and boisterous fans. Yet this is not the trophy that Spain held in its hand when it last won the same championship 44 years ago.5.At Half-Time Spain Takes 1-0 Lead in Euro Final
Deutsche Welle - Jun 29 1:30 PMAt half-time, Spain had a 1-point lead over three-time champion Germany in the Euro final in Vienna. Striker Fernando Torres scored the goal in the 33rd minute.6.Spain crowned champion of Europe

Islamic Republic News Agency - 2 hours, 41 minutes agoFootball - Euro 2008 Spain claimed first major title for 44 years after winning Euro 2008 with a deserved victory over Germany. Liverpool striker Fernando Torres was Spain's goal hero, striking after 33 minutes when he cleverly lifted Xavi's pass over Germany keeper Jens Lehmann.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Friends and Family™ for DiGi Postpaid users

i bring you an ads by Digi .

Your prepaid counterpart had their fun, so now we're making it your turn!

Introducing Friends and Family™ for DiGi Postpaid users, a value-added addition designed for those who treasure keeping in touch with their loved ones.

Be it voice call, SMS or even MMS, Postpaid Friends and Family™ promises rates so low that you'll be keeping in touch with your DiGi friends and Family™members all day and all night! All you need is to register 6 of your loved ones' DiGi numbers with your Postpaid Friends and Family™ service and you're set to save on calls and messages.

Due to popular demand, there are no more monthly fees for Friends and Family. Take the advantage today for cheaper calls, SMS and MMS!

Rates are as follow:

Call Type Charge Rates

Call RM0.10/min*

*Based upon 12-second block charge

Celcom Latest Broadband Promotion

the promotion goes,

For a FREE Modem, sign up now with Celcom Broadband Basic Plan at OL RM99/month or Advance Plan at Only RM129/month

Or you can choose to purchase the modem at Only RM499 (original price RM799) with any Celcom Broadband Monthly Unlimited Plan.

For instant connectivity, anytime, anywhere with Celcom Broadband, visit the Celcom branches, Blue Cube outlest or participating dealers nearest to you.

Speed of up to 384kbps for the Basic plan and 3.6 Mbps for the Advance plan. Advance payment are required upon subscription

but wait guys, there is this term and conditions and binds; (baca betul-betul)

1. This will be a standalone data package

2. Customer cannot request for Temporary disconnect during th econtract period

3. Customer currently under contract with existing data plans cannot request for
this package until after they have completed the contract.

4. Customer who have subscribed to the new Broadband Advance/Basic Package + modem,
cannot request for this package until their 18month contract has been served

5. This package is only for new-new registration

6. 7 Days Money BackGuarantee is noot applicable to this bundle

7. Should customer who are tied to the 18 month contract want to terminate the
package before the end of the contract (RM350 penalty
), they must
return the modem at the point of termination at branches

just make sure your location you are in and be ready for the 18month contract period.

Celcom to scrap SMS contest if there are elements of gambling

BANGI: Celcom Bhd will be asked to scrap its “Celcom 100 Days, 100 Cars” promotion if it is confirmed that elements of gambling are involved, said Energy, Water and Communications Minister Datuk Shaziman Abu Mansor.

He said the Islamic Development Department’s (Jakim) views were being sought on the matter, and the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission would also meet on the issue.

“We need to ascertain whether the contest is permissible under law, and if it is not just a tactic to cheat the people.

“Let the Commission hold its meeting, and if it is found that the contest is suitable then it can be continued. Otherwise, it has to cease,” he told reporters after visiting the Bandar Baru Bangi post office yesterday to check on cash rebates being paid to motorists.

Celcom has suspended the contest following a directive from the commission, which regulates the telecommunications industry.

The Commission also ordered Celcom to refund the RM5 charged per SMS sent to take part in the contest to all participants immediately.

It is not known how many people have participated in the contest, which began on June 2 and open to only Celcom cellular service subscribers. There are already 11 winners listed on Celcom’s website.

Maxis, Yahoo! in advertising deal

MAXIS announced an exclusive advertising partnership with Yahoo! at CommunicAsia 2008. It also launched two new services aimed at Malaysian cellphone users who frequently travel outside their country.

NEW SERVICE: Ong showing off the Bridge Traveller Program digital 'membership card' on her phone. The partnership involves Yahoo! finding banner advertisers for Maxis' WAP portal; revenue will be shared but neither party disclosed details at the event in Singapore last week.

Maxis said its portal records an average of 40 million hits per month and offers the more than 10 million Maxis customers the largest catalogue of content-rich data services in the country.

Next, if you are a Maxis subscriber who travels a lot, you may be interested in the telco's new service - a regional privileged membership programme.

By showing a digital membership card (a logo on the cellphone), members will enjoy special deals and discounts at the more than 60 participating merchants and partners across the Asia Pacific region, according to Maxis.

Among these are airport merchants, limousine and car rental companies, hotels, and lifestyle product vendors, said Mary Ong, the chief executive of Bridge Alliance Pte Ltd which represents the 11 telcos in the region.

The Bridge Traveller Program service, as it is called, is open to Maxis' prepaid and postpaid customers. There is no charge for using the service.

Maxis' other service that was launched is the Bridge DataRoam service for frequent roamers. Through this service, customers will be charged a flat roaming rate when they access e-mail or surf the Internet on their phones using member networks in Asia Pacific.

There are two monthly-subscription packages - US$30 (RM99) for 15MB of data transmitted and US$60 (RM198) for 40MB. Extra usage will be charged according to the local data rate, plus a surcharge.

For more information, go to

Maxis also announced that it bagged the Mobile Operator of the Year Malaysia award at the Asian Mobile News Awards 2008 event that was held in Singapore last week.

This is the third time that the telco has received the award for its sustained service excellence, business performance, and leadership in innovation.

It led the telco market last year with a 41.7% share of the mobile service subscribers in Malaysia, Maxis said. - ZAM KARIM

Tips in Managing Your Credit Card Debt

:: Tips in Managing Your Credit Card Debt.::

Pay your credit card bills on time. This is the single most important thing you can do to preserve and enhance your credit rating. Always pay at least your minimum payment and allow time for your payment to reach the company if you are using the mail.

If possible, pay off your balance in full each month. If this is not possible, then make as large a payment as you can comfortably afford. Paying off or paying down your balance is a sound financial move—one that will save you money on interest charges.

If you can’t pay off your balance in full, then slow down on your credit card use for the next while. Take time to step back and have a careful look at how much you earn and how much you spend each month. A little budgeting can save you big money down the road.

Check your statement carefully each month. Review your statement carefully. Do all the charges look correct? Have any required credits been applied? Are there any unusual or unexpected charges? Your credit card company will correct legitimate errors, but only if you bring them to their attention in a timely manner before you pay your bill.

Transfer your balance to a card with a lower interest rate. If you have two or more credit cards with outstanding balances, consider moving the outstanding balances to the card with the lowest interest rate. You will save money each month and simplify your record keeping by receiving only one bill.

Negotiate for a lower rate with your credit card company. If you have a good credit history, you are a valuable asset to your credit card company. Call them and seek ways to lower your interest rate. This is often possible, but never advertised. If the interest rate you are currently paying is very high, imply you may cancel the card and go with a competitor unless they adjust your rate downward. It doesn’t hurt to ask, and you may be surprised at the results.

Get the right card
With all the choices in cards available, chances are good,very good, you can find a better card for your needs. Today’s cards can save you money, offer better features, and even support a cause you believe in. Here are some tips on finding the right card and where to check that you have the best card for your needs.

Be alert for companies offering a great interest rate for transferring your existing balance to their card. Usually these rates are only in effect for a short time, often six months. At the end of this time, the rate can revert to a much higher permanent rate. Keep your eye on the Annual Percentage Rate (APR); this is the figure that counts in the long run.

Lower is better: read the fine print and find the Annual Percentage Rate (APR). This is the interest rate the companies charge you if you carry a balance. You want the lowest rate possible; as each percentage point drop will save you money on the months you have an outstanding balance.

Nothing can be better: Try for a credit card that does not charge an annual fee. Many credit cards charge you a fee each year to use their cards. While this may be offset by other benefits the card may offer, you can find cards that do not charge this annual fee. Why pay for the privilege of using a credit card when you don’t have to?

Explore the options: Today’s cards offer a wide range of excellent features, including frequent flier points, programs that bank points toward a new car, and cards that support charitable organizations. Other options worth having include car rental insurance coverage, trip cancellation coverage, and extended warranty coverage.

Banks can profit by lowering credit card charge Shahrir:


JOHOR BARU: Banks will still profit despite lowering credit card commissions because the number of people using the facility at petrol stations would increase.

Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Shahrir Samad said he was hoping for cooperation from the banks to lower the commission charges.

He said the move would assist both the banks and the petrol station dealers in the long run.

Shahrir said that when the cost of goods rose, there would be an increase in the number of people who used their credit cards instead of cash.

“That means that banks will be receiving more commissions too, and the banks will be back where they were. They won’t lose money,” he told reporters at a press conference on Sunday after meeting party members.

At present, petrol stations pay a 1% credit card charge to banks on every transaction, but the Government is negotiating with the banks to reduce that to 0.5%.

Shahrir said that negotiations with the banks were underway and he would meet them again next week.

Maxis Going Rural...deep in the hinterland of Sarawak

13 hotlink painted vehicle (vans) are set to go deep into the village in Sarawak as Maxis expands its product and services there. According to the recent statement by Jon Eddy Abdullah, Chief operating officer of Maxis,they have covered and provided services for around 72% of sarawak 2,300,000 million population and has since increase their distribution center totalling to 866 dealers.

According to Jon Eddy Abdullah, this year Maxis is going to spend and invest about RM400million in its latest expansion plan to improve it's coverage throughout Malaysia.

Currently in no 1 position in the telcommunicaton industry in this country with around 10 million subscribers, the 400million amount represented 40% for Maxis total budget of 1 billion for 2008 expansion plan.

Jon said, last year Maxis has invested RM15million in Sarawak and this year another RM20million will be spend in upgrading its network coverage.

According to Jon Eddy, Maxis has consistently invest RM4 billion (RM1 billion each year x 4years)in its new technology acquisition, wireless broadcast and service quality improvement.

Jon was in Kuching to launch Maxis Hotlink coverage campaign yesterday.

I suppose now Kuching people can enjoy, a better service a wider coverage and hopefully, Broadband internet is ready there. Any news and updates from fellow sarawakian is welcome.

Additional Info from Jon;

He said Maxis registered some 1.7 million new subscribers last year or 43% of the total number of new subscribers nationwide. According to him, Maxis was the only telco that registered growth in both pre-paid (Hotlink) and post-paid subscriber base in 2007.

Maxis now commanded a 41% market share in Malaysia, he said, adding that of its subscribers, 80% were pre-paid customers.

Earlier, Jon Eddy said since the launch of Maxis 3G service here last year, the company had added some 95 base transceiver stations in major and secondary towns state-wide.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Verdict on Celcom Mobile Internet 384kbps.

I will base my review and usage of Celcom internet service with this particulars modem

Arm with the H-10 HSDPA USB MODEM - HSDPA/UMTS/EDGE/GPRS/GSM , i connect myself to the world.

GSM/GPRS/EDGE 900/1800/1900MHz
HSDPA DL up to 3.6Mbps and UL up to 384Kbps
EDGE DL up to 237Kbps and UL up to 118Kpbs
Zero-CDROM auto installaltion
One button connect and disconnect
Integrated SMS
Internal antenna
USC 2.0 full speed
LED indicate the status
Dimension : 89(D)x47(W)x11.5(H) mm
Weight : <50g

You need to be a really patience to use CELCOM 384kbps. it is damn slow. the USB modem is also sensitive, make sure you have a stable surface when you surf.

Celcom data received rate was very slow and inconsisten. you can sent out 107kbps but you recieve 0kbps in return. It disconnects easily and reconnection may take below 2 minutes.

The max rate sent is 216.6kbps and max receive rate is 366.3kbps, but normally on average it will sent only 102kbps and receive and average 4.6kbps. (this data means it takes a long time to upload a small picture even 26kb picture.

my house is situated just around 50 meters from the nearest telco's communication tower, i do not know if it is celcom or maxis, i'll check it out later.

But using Celcom internet, most of the time, you'll have to refresh your webpage between 3 to 4 times untill it was properly displayed. quite irritating. if you have to fill an online form, its gonna be a difficult task as you have to go back and forth to refresh your webpage and you have to key-in again-again after the page refreshes. normally your previous data will be lost.

The modem is easy to configure. it takes only about 5 minutes to install and key -in the password.


Just insert the USB cable to your pc or laptop, a screen will appear, just click next button until it finished. then you click on the HSDPA icon on your desktop an insert the password.

It is a standard password. type : celcom and password : celcom3g (all in small letters)

then you are ready to go, click on the top left connect icon.

the modem is ready to go with any standard pc or laptop with this minimum requirement:-

Operating System : Windows 2000/XP/Vista
CPU : Pentium 1 Ghz or advance
Memory 512 MB or advanced
Disk : 100MB or more

I suggest those who can compromise mobility, use streamyx from TM. it is much faster and u can subscribe to the COMBO 68 package with some installation fee. just visit TMnet website for further info. You wont be disappointed.

As with these celcom mobile internet, forget about going to youtube or watching any tv online. To even browsing your favourite forum will take more than 20 sec to load.

If only Celcom can improve their service they will get better reivews next time.

i'm writing this to give an overview of what i have used, its for you guys to think about your financial and type of usage before making that important decision. oh by the way, Maxis broadband is only available in KL.

Celcom Broadband vs Maxis Broadband

The biggest problem i face in deciding within this two internet broadband operators is the contract that comes with the subscription.

last two days while i was looking for which operators to choose from i went to the Celcom stores in malim. (oh my location ..Melaka). They were helding promotion on celcom products.

the package : for RM68 ringgit you can get a 3864kpbs (while, actually it depends on the area you live, 384 is the maximun transfer rate, normally you'll get half of it.

the second package is RM98 (just ad another RM30) for fast 3G internet connection. which is only available in Hang Tuah Mall area (banda hilir) and Ayer Keroh (mainly MITC area)

with the RM68 package, you are bound with one year contract, the most unfelxible part of it is YOU CANNOT UPGRADE into the RM98 3G package within the first year.(is best opt to the 3G package if you are a youtube and daily motion freak. :)

but what i can tell you about the 3G connection.. it was damn fast! so just checkout where you live if you want one.

The total cost.

package 1 : 384kbps
RM499 for the Modem - (H-10 HSDPA USB) Modem data transfer upto 3.2mb) + RM68 for the deposit of subsripction. the modem comes with a one year warranty.

Total : RM567.00

if you are living in Melaka, the cheapest you can get for the subscription of package 1 is in TESCO. there is one booth in front of the crystal shop (around that area) that offers just RM550.00 (last 3 days i went and surveyed there)

the store actually have 3 different brands of modem, the blue cube, H10 and i cant remember the other one.

i was actualy looking to buy just the 384kbps, and maybe want to upgrade later. The girl said, you can subscribe without contract, but you have to pay RM699 for the modem (RM200 extra! - Minyak mahal maa) and plus 68 ringgit. - why pay more la! (Celcom strategy.. very bad for us )

Package 2 : Celcom 3G broadband connection

RM499 for the modem and plus RM98 ringgit. Total : RM597.00. 1 year contract.
(damn fast the connection, youtube lovers will savvy this.
monthly you have to pay RM98.00

i say thank you say'll come back later.

The very next, i call maxis infoline and ask for the promotion that they held. one lady told me that they also have a good package ( not knowing i'm in melaka) -
she said maxis offer RM68 for 384kbps and the most important thing is Without contract! - just what i was looking for. More flexibility for us the user ( i'm not a rich guy - lah! these days no more lavish or uncalculated spending, we have to carefully plan our budget)

Then i ask her where is the nearest center, She said it is in Jalan Merdeka, Melaka Raya. It was friday and quite a number of people are there, seems like everyone one is registering for the new EXTRA TEN call rate promotion. ( f.y.i I use maxis bill too..the RM50 package, normally i'll endup paying over RM120++)

To my surprise, i ask the guard and he told me "broadband tak sampai lagi, melaka tak dapat barang lagi". ye ke Pak Cik? he was a nice and polite security.

i take the number as i need to pay bills and some clarifications about maxis internet broadband service and sit on the limited number of chairs available. my number74, the current number is 72. as i waited for 15 minutes, i was not moving anywhere, then i approached a slim, straight hair, nice looking chinese girl who stepped out from her desk, standing . i ask her why the number was not moving, she dengan slumbernye berkata, "tak cukup orang kat kaunter, nombor tak boleh jalan!" ( what the heck is that - no need to mentions names here lah)

ok back to business.
i pay my bills and she said Maxis Broaband is still not available in melaka. (not in sincere polite manner - she got some issues i think)

i was quite turn down, after calling the maxis cust service, driving to Melaka Raya with the feeling of surfing the internet from home tonight, and soon found out the service was not available in melaka. then i call back maxis customer service to seek clarification with a guy who answer the call.

For your information, few days earlier i went to TM Melaka new office in MITC to ask for Streamyx packages. Combo package for RM68 and RM88 is available ( with unlimited normal line phone call and call to telcoline cost only 0.15sen a minute . . there are some installaition cost incured and a small fee. TM Streamyx is a good option,but i was looking for something more mobile then..

That same friday, i went back to the celcom vendor in Malim and subscribe to the RM 68 monthly with 384kbps. The pregnant lady named Ina was very helpful and even wants to help configure the modem with my Lenovo.

At around 10pm, i was able to get online from home.