Sunday, June 29, 2008

Maxis Going Rural...deep in the hinterland of Sarawak

13 hotlink painted vehicle (vans) are set to go deep into the village in Sarawak as Maxis expands its product and services there. According to the recent statement by Jon Eddy Abdullah, Chief operating officer of Maxis,they have covered and provided services for around 72% of sarawak 2,300,000 million population and has since increase their distribution center totalling to 866 dealers.

According to Jon Eddy Abdullah, this year Maxis is going to spend and invest about RM400million in its latest expansion plan to improve it's coverage throughout Malaysia.

Currently in no 1 position in the telcommunicaton industry in this country with around 10 million subscribers, the 400million amount represented 40% for Maxis total budget of 1 billion for 2008 expansion plan.

Jon said, last year Maxis has invested RM15million in Sarawak and this year another RM20million will be spend in upgrading its network coverage.

According to Jon Eddy, Maxis has consistently invest RM4 billion (RM1 billion each year x 4years)in its new technology acquisition, wireless broadcast and service quality improvement.

Jon was in Kuching to launch Maxis Hotlink coverage campaign yesterday.

I suppose now Kuching people can enjoy, a better service a wider coverage and hopefully, Broadband internet is ready there. Any news and updates from fellow sarawakian is welcome.

Additional Info from Jon;

He said Maxis registered some 1.7 million new subscribers last year or 43% of the total number of new subscribers nationwide. According to him, Maxis was the only telco that registered growth in both pre-paid (Hotlink) and post-paid subscriber base in 2007.

Maxis now commanded a 41% market share in Malaysia, he said, adding that of its subscribers, 80% were pre-paid customers.

Earlier, Jon Eddy said since the launch of Maxis 3G service here last year, the company had added some 95 base transceiver stations in major and secondary towns state-wide.

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