Saturday, June 28, 2008

Celcom Broadband vs Maxis Broadband

The biggest problem i face in deciding within this two internet broadband operators is the contract that comes with the subscription.

last two days while i was looking for which operators to choose from i went to the Celcom stores in malim. (oh my location ..Melaka). They were helding promotion on celcom products.

the package : for RM68 ringgit you can get a 3864kpbs (while, actually it depends on the area you live, 384 is the maximun transfer rate, normally you'll get half of it.

the second package is RM98 (just ad another RM30) for fast 3G internet connection. which is only available in Hang Tuah Mall area (banda hilir) and Ayer Keroh (mainly MITC area)

with the RM68 package, you are bound with one year contract, the most unfelxible part of it is YOU CANNOT UPGRADE into the RM98 3G package within the first year.(is best opt to the 3G package if you are a youtube and daily motion freak. :)

but what i can tell you about the 3G connection.. it was damn fast! so just checkout where you live if you want one.

The total cost.

package 1 : 384kbps
RM499 for the Modem - (H-10 HSDPA USB) Modem data transfer upto 3.2mb) + RM68 for the deposit of subsripction. the modem comes with a one year warranty.

Total : RM567.00

if you are living in Melaka, the cheapest you can get for the subscription of package 1 is in TESCO. there is one booth in front of the crystal shop (around that area) that offers just RM550.00 (last 3 days i went and surveyed there)

the store actually have 3 different brands of modem, the blue cube, H10 and i cant remember the other one.

i was actualy looking to buy just the 384kbps, and maybe want to upgrade later. The girl said, you can subscribe without contract, but you have to pay RM699 for the modem (RM200 extra! - Minyak mahal maa) and plus 68 ringgit. - why pay more la! (Celcom strategy.. very bad for us )

Package 2 : Celcom 3G broadband connection

RM499 for the modem and plus RM98 ringgit. Total : RM597.00. 1 year contract.
(damn fast the connection, youtube lovers will savvy this.
monthly you have to pay RM98.00

i say thank you say'll come back later.

The very next, i call maxis infoline and ask for the promotion that they held. one lady told me that they also have a good package ( not knowing i'm in melaka) -
she said maxis offer RM68 for 384kbps and the most important thing is Without contract! - just what i was looking for. More flexibility for us the user ( i'm not a rich guy - lah! these days no more lavish or uncalculated spending, we have to carefully plan our budget)

Then i ask her where is the nearest center, She said it is in Jalan Merdeka, Melaka Raya. It was friday and quite a number of people are there, seems like everyone one is registering for the new EXTRA TEN call rate promotion. ( f.y.i I use maxis bill too..the RM50 package, normally i'll endup paying over RM120++)

To my surprise, i ask the guard and he told me "broadband tak sampai lagi, melaka tak dapat barang lagi". ye ke Pak Cik? he was a nice and polite security.

i take the number as i need to pay bills and some clarifications about maxis internet broadband service and sit on the limited number of chairs available. my number74, the current number is 72. as i waited for 15 minutes, i was not moving anywhere, then i approached a slim, straight hair, nice looking chinese girl who stepped out from her desk, standing . i ask her why the number was not moving, she dengan slumbernye berkata, "tak cukup orang kat kaunter, nombor tak boleh jalan!" ( what the heck is that - no need to mentions names here lah)

ok back to business.
i pay my bills and she said Maxis Broaband is still not available in melaka. (not in sincere polite manner - she got some issues i think)

i was quite turn down, after calling the maxis cust service, driving to Melaka Raya with the feeling of surfing the internet from home tonight, and soon found out the service was not available in melaka. then i call back maxis customer service to seek clarification with a guy who answer the call.

For your information, few days earlier i went to TM Melaka new office in MITC to ask for Streamyx packages. Combo package for RM68 and RM88 is available ( with unlimited normal line phone call and call to telcoline cost only 0.15sen a minute . . there are some installaition cost incured and a small fee. TM Streamyx is a good option,but i was looking for something more mobile then..

That same friday, i went back to the celcom vendor in Malim and subscribe to the RM 68 monthly with 384kbps. The pregnant lady named Ina was very helpful and even wants to help configure the modem with my Lenovo.

At around 10pm, i was able to get online from home.

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