Sunday, June 29, 2008

Friends and Family™ for DiGi Postpaid users

i bring you an ads by Digi .

Your prepaid counterpart had their fun, so now we're making it your turn!

Introducing Friends and Family™ for DiGi Postpaid users, a value-added addition designed for those who treasure keeping in touch with their loved ones.

Be it voice call, SMS or even MMS, Postpaid Friends and Family™ promises rates so low that you'll be keeping in touch with your DiGi friends and Family™members all day and all night! All you need is to register 6 of your loved ones' DiGi numbers with your Postpaid Friends and Family™ service and you're set to save on calls and messages.

Due to popular demand, there are no more monthly fees for Friends and Family. Take the advantage today for cheaper calls, SMS and MMS!

Rates are as follow:

Call Type Charge Rates

Call RM0.10/min*

*Based upon 12-second block charge

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