Monday, June 30, 2008

Technology to Earn $Money$ Online

Do you need much technology to earn money? no, its not the main thing. but technology supplements your money making effort and it makes it easier.

To make $money$ and more $money$ online all you need is a good product and proper marketing skills which you can acquire. Nowadays we have blog, content management system such as mambo, drupal, joomla, to name a few..

Prior to your success is a good product. If you do not have product , you still can make $money$ online, by providing information through blogging. Being a consisten blogger like paul tan, 5xmom and a few other successful bloggers, by providing reviews, information you can get quite a lot of cash.

but for me, the most successful person i know, who earns a good amount of money from adsense by providing free information got to be Ann Zeise of, as claimed in one of our fav boards where we can exchange each other view, Ann made a whopping $9,0++ USD from adsense everymonth. she evens manage to employs her family members from her online income. If everyone can be as consitent as Ann Zeise whoo writes daily because of love to her subject, beng involve almost 10 years if im not mistaken and yet she is over 50years old.

Hi Ann Zeise, i just couldn't help to share your wisdom and success story.

So, where does technology stands? it is persistent and consistent that is very much needed n making $money$ and more $money$ online... just get the web template right start posting.

These days, blog is better than providing newsletter!

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