Monday, June 30, 2008

Amazon Associate

Becoming an amazon Associate means that you have access to millions of products. With every products you can create you own niche. Select for example books on physics, then you buy a domain and hosting for RM70 ( the basic plan, and you are ready to go with a physic selling book website.

Amazon got all the coolest looking widget to trigger your site visitors. I use to know a guy named Gary Tooze, the owner of He translated his love for Movie and made more than 4,000 pages of reviews on the DVD that he owns and watches. Adjusting with the Amazon associate function he made his ways to make thousands every month selling DVD.

Gary is also an example of no nonsense and just work attitude, where you can see from his determination and hobby, others established magazine did interviewed him and use his reviews.

visit Gary website to learn and purchase his collection of eclectic DVD

my point is, make us of Amazon Associate program. Amazon may not have the time to create a niche or detail marketing for every product. that's why they recruited associate.

With Amazon Associate, you can build your own store, using a-store. and get paid commissions around 4% and it will grow until 8% depending on the item you sell.

Give it a try..

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