Friday, December 18, 2009

Blogging Universities.

If only there is a degree for blogging, LiewCf could have got a phd on this. Edwardkhoo maybe his first degree. - just that the field is not formalised in the education system yet. (think about it) . a person have to acquire some skills to make money online. Whenever there is a learning curve involved, there is 'education' and process of learning going on.

i posted above comment on recent LiewCF blog. DO you really think we need to have a formal education on Blogging and Internet Marketing, like a degree or diploma. I beleive in the marketing field, someone can do a thesis or detail study on this matter. I remember buying a book froma Harvard Graduate entitled 'NetWorth' written by John Hagel III and Marc Singer.

The book basically is about Looking at the future of e-commerce, Hagel (coauthor of Net Gain) and Singer, both principals in the consulting firm McKinsey & Company, add a provocative twist to the conventional view that those companies with the best information about their customers will be the most successful.

They examine not only how companies can acquire information about consumers but also, crucially, how consumers can control dissemination of their personal information and even charge companies for their use of it. To the ever-expanding e-commerce lexicon they add a new term: "infomediaries."

That part of this thread is taken from Amazon. Amazon best decribed the authors book synopsis.

The book published by Harvard Business Press. I believe, we can have someone with a specialised degree in Blogging and Internet Marketing or popularly pronouced by goverments and formal institutions as e-commerce.

to view the book visit the link below

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