Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Withdraw/Direct Transfer your PayPal Account money to Bank in Malaysia

Withdraw/Direct Transfer your PayPal Account money to Bank in Malaysia without buying any debit card. Just use your own ATM card to do this.

Almost all the bank in Malaysia is now accepting PayPal direct bank account transfer. Mayabnk, CIMB, Hong Leong, Public Bank.. all..the the images below.

Thank You Paypal for making it easier for Malaysian.!!!

Here si how you do it.

1. Login yo your paypal account.
2. Click withdraw
3. Tt will show you to choose withdraw to local bank. click. and the window will appear.
4. Withdrawal charges apply up to RM3.00 only. (you can check the details charges)for more than $400 its free it think.
5. Select your bank plus the bank code.
6. Key in your bank account number.
7. Key in your amount and watch the currency conversion rate.
8. Agree withthe amount
9. Then submit. you can always check the detail transaction later and see the cost deducted from the original amount transfered. Just about MYR3.00.

10. Transaction will be processed/ your hard Earned internet money from your PayPal Account will be in your personal local bank in 2-3 Business Day.

THANK YOU SO MUCH PAYPAL for making it easy for us in Malaysia. I hope this is helpful guys.


Withdraw/Direct Transfer your PayPal Account money to Bank in Malaysia

My Internet money in paypal account can now be withdrawn directly into your local bank account in a very simple step.


chow said...

Does the ' local bank' includes Maybank too? I have only maybank ATM card. is it possible for me to puchase online with the card through paypal? and also withdraw money from maybank account through paypal if i earn some money online?

Shah said...

Yes Chow,
Local bank includes Maybank, you just need to provide teh SWIFT code.

You can withdraw your money with your ATM card soon after it is transfered from your paypal account.. I always did that. It tooks about 3 days to really get the money in your account.

to open paypal account you need a creditcard registered with your Paypal account.

i hope that clears out your question

chow said...

shah, thank u very much for sharing :)

Shah said...

No problem Chow...all the best to you!

Nabel said...

Paypal, kalau nak cash in masuk dalam bank, limit 500USD sbulan je kan?

kalau ada credit card boleh cash lebih kn?

tapi kalau xde credit card, mcm mane nak masukkan duit dalam bank lebih 5oo usd sbulan?

Boleh x klau duit paypal kte send dkat maybank online?

Shah said...

Nabil, duit dalam paypal boleh send dalam mana2 bank tempatan termasuk maybank, cuma perlu provide Bank SWIFTcode sahaja.

Tentang limit tu, credit card diperlukan untuk verify account owner.

limit transfer untuk personal account setakat ni tiada lagi dalam Paypal terms of service. Policy lama rasanya.

For your info, please check your account limits dalam info account. Just login and check your account status.

kairikyle said...

This method still can do with paypal unverified?

Adib said...

Can you explain what SWIFT code is? JazakAllah khair.