Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Drupal oh Drupal (Open Source CMS)

Hi Guys,

I must say that after all these years managing various site, i personally recommend Drupal for your site. It is a great content management and web building service. Free of course and like many other open source content management system, Drupal has helpful bunch of programmers-friend ready to answer your technical glitch.

It has wonderful templates, and it is much easier to use the 'blocks' to customize your look.

downloading and installing the modules are easy.

What you do is, register a domain, i personally use or, buy a personal hosting plan + domain (.com) for USD22. (about 3 hours to activate), get my log in password send via email then i would login to Cpanel.

After that, just select 'fantastico' the icon with the (blue color) LOL! and install your Drupal. To make sure drupal page is on the frontpage, before you install go to >file manager and delete the existing >public HTML folder.

When you select install Drupal, (leave blank to be on the main page), it will automatically be your landing page.

Then you can easily add new modules, text WYSIG editor, adsense, image gallery, and all the 'stuff' you need. you can link it with forum, manage user and more stuff.

At first i was like having a headache managing all editing and works with Drupal, but after a while, i'm glad i started with it. Drupal just make it easier.

Good luck guys..

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