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How E-mail Automation Can Save your Precious Time and Grow your Business Up to 240%!

Are you drowning in a sea of email chores...? Sure, email is now considered to be one of the top 3 essential Internet marketing strategies:

Based on research or maybe little did we know, A single email campaign can be worth $1,000s (if not TENS of $1,000s) in sales -- in less than 24 hours.

And unlike like other form of offline advertising, there are NO printing, envelope, or postage costs to take a bite out of your profits -- email is FREE to send.

The PROBLEM is, unless you automate your email chores early in your business lifecycle, what you're *saving* on postage and printing costs COULD be eaten up by 100s of wasted hours.

It's not really FREE to send an email campaign if it takes you 3 days to actually get it out the door!


Automation saves a great deal of our time. Those valuable time can be spend to develop a more important chores such as developing our content, developing an affliate system and maybe start another niche product in different website.

We Don't want to spend four to six hours daily just to;

1. Sending e-mail campaigns and newsletters. (some people don't even know where to start!)

2. Reply to Hundreds of email from potential buyers daily. (This may takes Countless HOURS)

3. Sending "customer service" e-mails to NEW customers and subscribers!

(You have to select manually each customer campaign and newsletter series, plus, sent them the

correct email, .I think you can manage this if you have like 5-15 subscribers, but what about

50-100 customer? and when your business starts Flooding in with 'POTENTIAL BUYERS'?

4. Keeping your e-mail list "clean" -- to prevent spam complaints! If you use normal mail client,

by sending like ten uncostomize email, you will be considered spamming.

SO what is the Ideal Email Solution for your business? Your E-mail Should be able to :

1. Easily collect email addresses from an opt-in form on your website
2. Subscribe and unsubscribe people from your list automatically
3. Import existing lists of opt-in customers and subscribers
4. Send professional-looking email campaigns -- in text and HTML
5. Manage MULTIPLE newsletters from one interface
6. Automate your customer service with autoresponders
7. Send automated "follow-up" emails with unlimited autoresponders

Email Automation can work 'wonders' if you are a Large Company with multiple clients in different product segements. for example, imagine if you a running an elecrical appliances store and also you sell telecommunications product such as cell phone. If you have database af your customer in each two main product, you can send different sets of email promoting on your next offer. surely you can target both side of your potential buyers.

If you run a home based business, it is very helpful, as you don't have to do all the 'Time Consuming' Chores any longer. More and more Internet business owner are shifting into email automation. they doesn't really any longer on normal e-mail client. If you can see these potential, opting to one of the emailautomation services is vital for your growth.

In the market right now they are currently more than 26,000,000 results if you type the email automation software keyword. But instead of explaining all of them. i would like to bring your attention to two of the most widely used Email Automation Software which is,

1. Mailloop and;

2. Aweber.

Both Mailloop and Aweber are among the best, strongest and reliable email automation software. Here's why,

They both qualify for what an email automation software should do. They basically help us do all the chores such as collecting emails from opt-in from, store the customers data on database and also provide subscribing automation, with confirmation links.

The most important thing is these software both personalized follow up letters and automatically sent to each of your subscribers at regular, predetermined intervals, building trust and rapport between you and your subscribers!

If youre thinking and i mean you should opt to these services to help you reduce stressfull hours of customizing each email campaign to your customer.

Corey Rudl once wrote in his article about personalization,

If you've been collecting people's names when they opt into your list, then you've got a very powerful piece of information. Nothing makes people sit up and take notice like hearing -- or in this case, seeing -- their own name.

Personalizing your promotions is one of the most widely used tricks in direct marketing, yet it still works like absolute magic!

I learned firsthand how effective this technique is a few years ago when I decided to conduct a little marketing experiment. I took a small list of my customers and split it in half, then sent an e-mail to each group that was exactly the same, with only ONE exception. The subject line of the first e-mail read:

here's all the info you need

The subject line of the second e-mail, which had EXACTLY the same body as the first e-mail, had been customized to display the recipient's name. For example:

Bob, here's all the info you need

Now, I had a hunch that the personalized subject line would do better than the generic one. In fact, I was sure of it. But what I discovered surprised even me! The campaign I ran with the personalized subject line had a response rate 64% higher than the one without!

And that was the ONLY difference between the two campaigns! The body of the e-mail was identical in both cases, and so was the offer. It was just that one small change in the subject line that boosted the response by 64%!

As you can see, if you HAVEN'T been personalizing your e-mail promotions, now is definitely a good time to start. Can you imagine what a 64% increase in sales and profits would do for YOUR bottom line?

Of course, you can personalize the body of your e-mail as well as the subject line, and you can use ANY information you've collected about your customers and subscribers, not just their names.

Lucky for us now, these email automation software has already existed to help us further in Marketing, and the 64% conversion rate, your business is going to skyrocket immediately!

The only clear differences between these two email automation software is the price and terms of payment. Mailloop offers a one time setup fee with dozens of bonuses included to help newbies, and Aweber provide monthly credit card subscription fee depending on the services included.

Bot have the pro's and contrast. The decision is for you to make. One time setup fee is much more beneficial in the long run and you get the full services provided.


It doesnt matter how big or small your business or company is. Email Automation Software such as Mailloop, Aweber and many others will help you a lot doing all the massive email marketing chores. It is vital to have one in the early stages of your business.

You need an email automation software to bring your business to the next level. You need email automation software such as Mailloop and Aweber as it saves you time, reduce stress, build customer loyalty, increase conversion ratios, and you simply make more 240% of money!

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