Sunday, October 12, 2008

i receive this email from my younger sister, as i looked further my elder sister also forwarded the same email to me,


**my sister NAME** just registered to win a free handbag from and though you'd like a chance to win too! To celebrate their upcoming launch, is giving away 24 handbags in 24 hours.

Visit to check it out!
**my sister NAME** and

P.S. - Please foward this e-mail to any friends who might be interested! We won't be contacting you again and haven't stored your e-mail address.


Well, i call this 'brilliant marketing' -

1. They have target Market
2. They Created a hype - through the 24 bag for 24 hours contest.
:: which so much competition and similarity in product offered, the hype is all
that 'triggers' the emotion of the buyer.
3. They Are Convincing
4. You know what, i too feel like participating, maybe i could win a new backpack
for my Lenovo.

5. Plus, they have COUNTDOWN digital clock.

if you can 'copy' their method, you'll see a lot of progress. Well there is many different ways in doing something.

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