Friday, September 26, 2008

another Kindle?

but this one is without wirepess connection - $749 Electronic Reader Lacks Wireless Connection; Not As Good As The Kindle

Tricia Duryee
Friday, September 26, 2008; 2:07 PM

This week, iRex Technologies started selling its first device?the iRex Digital Reader 1000S?but at $749 it is a disappointment and doesn't stack up to rivals, including the Amazon ( NSDQ: AMZN) Kindle or the Sony ( NYSE: SNE) Reader, reports USA Today. The devices are increasingly trying to target the business segment, who travel a lot and and want to eliminate some of the paper they carry around.

Some of the cool things about the iRex are better than the Kindle, such as the 10.2 inch display, and the fact that it comes with a digitizer and stylus, allowing people to be able to make annotations on the screen. But the big draw-back of the iRex is that it costs an additional $100 for a wireless version ($849). And still, the wireless version only includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which provides access to newspapers and other content through a downloading service.

That differs drastically from the Kindle, which uses a cellular connection, so that users have access to new books and content when they are within range of a signal. Last week, at GigaOm's Mobilize event in San Francisco, everyone pointed to that feature as the beauty of the $359 device. As people noted on a couple of different panels, Amazon did a great job of hiding the complexity of the network. Because the cost of data is tacked on to the price of a book, customers don't have to be conscience about connecting to a network, or wonder how much the download may cost. Most won't ever know they are connecting to Sprint's ( NYSE: S) wireless network.

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