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I remember my first encounter with shopfactory was about 3 years ago. It was in a CD of Chip Magazine. I then preinstall the free 30 trial, and find out it is a very usefull ecommerce software at that time. And since then, Shopfactoryy are still among the leading brands in Internet Ecommerce shop.

Nowadays in the 'more sophisticated times" we have OSCommerce (also a long time provider - i recommend this one), the newly launch Bebiz from IMC (they have reduce the price/mode of payment recently (the best, because they provide all in one, from scratch without product and to the extent, writing your salescopy and marketing the product. Anyway my fav. is the Hoveradd software, yet we have aStore from

All this these wether, free or have to purchase is a very usefull Ecommerce software.

Basically their function and explanation are as below;

Proven solution
If you are as busy as most of us, you need a proven solution which makes creating your website with shopping cart easy and fast, so you can focus on building your business. ShopFactory is just that.

With more than 226,700 shops created all around the world by everyday shop owners, ShopFactory has proven again and again: you don't have to spend much time or be a computer wiz to build high quality online shops which turn more visitors into paying customers.

Improved sales virtually over night
Take the example of Rose Elliot of, who recently switched her Internet shop to ShopFactory 7: "I just have to say, since changing my site into ShopFactory, my sales have improved almost immediately," she wrote to us.

Her improved search engine rankings of course also helped. For her search words "barefoot jewelry" and "barefoot sandals" she rose — thanks to her switch to ShopFactory — to the first and fourth positions at respectively.

Her switch to ShopFactory created an almost instantaneous boost to her income — demonstrating the power of ShopFactory.

Thumbs up for ShopFactory
A power which has impressed eCommerce software reviewers for years. As the reviewer of online computer magazine Softmag put it: "So easy to use, yet so many features. This is the very best program for Internet shops we ever tried. We gave it 6 out of 6".

An opinion he isn't alone with. Over the years ShopFactory has won many awards all around the world.

Even more important is, that ShopFactory users agree wholeheartedly: you can rely on ShopFactory and the people behind it.

So easy to use, yet so many features
Continuously developed since 1995, multi-award winning ShopFactory has become one of the most powerful e-Commerce solutions available today.

Yet despite its thousands of features you will find it surprisingly easy to use. You won't believe how fast you can create your webshop. Just have a look at this short tutorial below, to see how easy ShopFactory really is!

Best of all with ShopFactory you don't have to be connected to the Internet all the time to build or maintain your shop. You can work on your own computer at your own speed without being affected by the ups and downs of your Internet connection.
Thousands of Features
One reason for ShopFactory's ongoing success is its extraordinary ease of use and its support for virtually any e-commerce feature you can think of. From website building to managing the orders you will receive.

If you already have products in a database, you can easily import your products into ShopFactory Pro — making shop building even faster.

As soon as you have built your shop you can publish it to any hosting space on the Internet and your customers can start placing orders — without any further setup required.

ShopFactory SalesManager is currently supplied free of charge with ShopFactory shopping cart software. It allows you to manage your orders and to stay in touch with your customers.

SalesManager can even reformat your orders so you can import them into backend accounting systems.

eCommerce web hosting
ShopFactory shops will run on any web hosting space. But if you don't know where to host your shop, ShopFactory will help you, too. The included automated eCommerce web hosting service makes it easy.

Best of all with ShopFactory shopping cart software you don't have to be connected to the Internet all the time to build or maintain your shop. You can work at your own speed without being affected by the ups and downs of your Internet connection.

Accept any payment method
To accept customer payments you can support any payment method you want — from Visa to Amex to PayPal, Google Checkout, 'Pick-up and Pay' or bank transfer among many others.

If you wish you can also charge extra for various payment methods to recover additional fees charged to you, or combine different payment service providers, such as PayPal and Google Check-Out.

Research has shown that your sales will increase by up to 19%, if you can offer more payment methods to your customers.

Hacker safe ordering pages
Hacker safe and credit card security compliant order pages (PCI) are provided with our shopping cart software and boost the confidence of your visitors to help you turn more of them into paying customers.

Of course your shop will automatically calculate applicable taxes and add them to the total. Shipping charges will also be instantly established — either based on your own requirements or by contacting shipping providers such as UPS and others.

30 Day money back guarantee!
We believe ShopFactory is the best shopping cart software around. We are so sure ShopFactory will convince you, we are offering you a 100% money back guarantee.

Now you can experience the ease of ShopFactory completely risk free. So don't wait.

Click on the Buy Now Link below to buy ShopFactory right now and start boosting your sales and your profits: without any risk.

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