Sunday, January 18, 2009

Malaysia Web Hosting Plan : Exabytes Promotion

I'm doing a little bit of promotion here. So far the most reliable webhosting company in Malaysia Exabytes recently launched its Angel Programme.

So What is Exabytes Angel Programme. For those searching to earn 'good money' as a side income..then you should join and become exabytes angel!

here goes : Intend to earn side income but no idea whom you should trust on Internet? Exabytes is your heaven to find the trust and be rest assured that our Exabytes Angel Programme is the perfect one for you.

As the name implies, you will be reckoned as Exabytes Angel. Because we see you as our angel who is magically connected to us and hence, we reward you with our Exabytes Angel Programme or a.k.a. EAP. With EAP, you will refer our products and services and you earn commission in return. Here's the overview of EAP.

Our EAP structure is simple. The more you refer, the more you earn. The more high end the hosting that you refer, the more side income that you earn.

Here is a simple table on what you should refer if you would like to earn more.

Commission Guide
Web Hosting Plan Commission
Xtudent Web Hosting Plan RM 8.00
EBiz Plus Web Hosting Plan RM 78.00
EBiz Gold Web Hosting Plan RM 118.00
Semi-Dedicated Server / VPS / Server Co-location RM 198.00
Dedicated Server RM 388.00

Yes, You can earn up to RM388.00 in pure commission with Exabytes.

1. Signup Bonus
RM 50 of signup bonus. We will give you RM 50 instantly just for joining. Why wait? Get your bonus today!

2.Higher Commission
The more you refer, the more you earn. You can earn up to RM 388 for referring a dedicated server to us.

3.Ready-Made Banners
We provide you the catchy and most up-to-date banners on all our latest promotions.

4.Reliable and Fast Payout
Payout will be done every end of the month. In other words, you will get your accumulated commissions at the beginning of the month!

5.50-Year Cookie Tracking
In laymen's term, your referral will be tracked forever. The cookie will remain in your PC as long as you do not delete it. 5% of top-tier earning
You are allowed to sign up additional angels via your link. Once your sub-angels earn a commission, you earn 5% from it.

6.Monthly Updates
Monthly updates on latest tips in our newsletter.Learn how to earn side income via our ebook guide.

7.Message board for discussions
Reach out to our helpful staff in Exabytes Angel Forum. We will post and discuss updates about Angel Programme.

8.Angel Day, Quarterly gatherings & workshops
Mingle around with all the other angels and share your thoughts. A day to remember as we will select Angel-of-the-month!

9.Contest & online activities
A chance to win latest IT gadgets, vouchers and etc in our contest or online activities specially organized for angels.

10.Be our Whitelighter
Be a whitelighter and earn all the priorities to all Exabytes company events.You will be treated like a Super V.I.P.

My recommendation is, be smart, just login as an affiliate (simple steps required)and start promoting Exabytes hosting plan.

Well guys, wait no longer, join the affiliate or signup for Exabytes hosting Plan - Malaysia's Premier Web-Hosting Company. Or, get a domain for your blog.

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