Monday, January 12, 2009

On Celcom broadband a 'Malaysia Boleh' let-down

from Mkini.

Well, gotta improve alot..

SC Chan: As an occasional Celcom wireless broadband subscriber, I agree with the writer's comments.If I could use a layman's term to describe why there are so many dissatisfied customers, it is that the Internet service that is presently available works like an overloaded 1.5 cc Proton Saga - seven or eight passengers packed into a five-seater car.It doesn't really run - it drags because of the overload.Similarly, if the Internet service providers keep on selling the products without actually improving the supporting infrastructure and the capacity at the international gateways, what you will get in terms of service is what we are experiencing now.

For my home, I subscribe to a TM Net Streamy service and although I am quite happy with the speed, my greatest disappointment is that I can never actually access YouTube or download movies.In Korea I am told, one can download a movie in 15 to 20 minutes whereas here in Malaysia it will take a few days! What kind of Internet service are we providing in this country?In Korea Internet operates at 16M, Japan 20M but in Malaysia 2M. Malaysia Boleh?

Some time ago, The Ministry (under Dr.Lim ex-Gerakan President) said it has spend certain millions to set up our own internet hub or server... what has happen?

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