Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Your Internet most heroic moment..

I remember after twenty days of hard works, open my mail and receive an email from internet marketing center and they said..

Congratulations! You Have made a sale...! - from IMC, Internet Marketing Centre.I would say, that is the best moment in my life.. normally selling a product online is not an easy task unless you are an expert in your niche or well known for that.

Especially product for internet marketing solutions. There are millions out there. From Derek Gehl, to Ewen Chia, Joel Comm, Mark Joyner and thousands of other. 9but these are considered th big player in the Online Marketing World.

I feel like a hero and to me, it is a big achievement. Consider getting USD125 in single sale.. converted to Ringgit Malaysia..it is about RM450+. At that time, it was a year and a month back in November 2007. The best thing is, i received the check immidiately after my wife and twin baby boy arrive home for the first time after giving birth 2 days earlier.

It's like double bonus..nope...triple bonus and joy..I had twins! They are now sleeping in the living room, while i write this in the kitchen table. What i do that time was actually, i do a lot of article marketing. Especially in Ezinearticle and Articlebase.com i remember, making the last effort to repair my adwords campaign. There was only $2 dollars in that campaign left.

And i remember, my internet marketing centre affiliate link was only clicked about 28 times. 28 clicks and 1 sale with the profit of USD125..is a huge success! a very hgh conversion rate and remember, with only USD2 left for adwords promotion. But things happen, when it wants to happen. When God wants it to happen by His Will.

Another way of looking at the success is you don't actually need to spend so much on Adwords, which now, after i've gain 260+ clicks, still there is hardly any sales. Why does this happen? My Amazin watch site is also only doing well in certain seasons. But i do have pending payment amounting to only about USD36.00 left from Amazon Associates.

From my experience, i agree that marketing is the most important part rather than the painstaking first step in setting up your website.

Yes, Internet marketing requires a lot of effort and time. And you get frustrated easily. And you do get lucky sometimes. But i believe with proper planning and determination, anything could be possible.

My only advise it :- Set up a website, consistently produce and publish good original content everyday, republish the article in ezine, setup hover ad sort of opt-in, and do consistent marketing.

Oh, before i forget, i manage to Sell IMC Mailloop to one customer, a email marketing software which cost around USD395.

One thing i like about becoming IMC is affiliate is because they pay us well. Even in second tier stage.

Their product is based on 60 million of sales experienced and research. What more can you ask in a product.

Derek is a good man and friend. He Went to Singapore once and Malaysia.. Just that, i wasn't able to attend His seminar because of certain job i have to attend.

Though i did not make that much with IMC now...(prior) to my business, but i do belive IMC is still the leading company that you can trust and work with to acieve your first check and maybe the first 10K in internet marketing.

They have the internet most trusted and reliable product which is consistently upgrade. Based on its sales volumes of 60 millions in Sales profit worldwide, you must become an affiliate with IMC - Internet Marketing Centre.

Well, this is just my experince. Anyway, like i said earlier... it is unpredictable and anyone can achieve the same success like i did...Big Fat Cheque or just enough to pay for your rides.

Join IMC Affiliate Today..


Based on my True story. :)

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