Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Adsense Income so far

So far..adsense income for this month (June) has reach $14.32 cents. i've decided to take blogging more seriously, besides continuing my marketing in forums. I'm a regular in these forums ;

www.acousticguitarforum.com used to be www.taylorguitarforum.com,
www.thewallflowers.com (my music)

www.amazon.com - [discussion board]
and members of numerous marketing and affiliate forum

last few days i registered with
www.malaysianbloggers.com (thats where i decided to take this blog thing more seriuosly)- actually i've read newspaper interview of the owner of the 5Xmom. She said she earn around 3,000 monthly from blogging! .........

i have my own blog as early as in 2003 when i took livejournal.com through my friend, Jullienne from the philippine suggestions, at that time you got to be referred to before you can register your own journal/blog. I remember Saveeya (my friend from Thailand) who refered me to livejournal.com. that's when i started blogging. i write and share mostly in form of diaries on my personal stuff(its a secret-lah!)

Imagine if i maintain consistency since then. I may have been like paultan.org, well not in terms of his interest and valuable knowlegde in cars, i may have written about music or graphics or just wallflowers.

for your information, Jullienne is a PC Philipphine Journalist, i think she's the editor now. Phew, time flies so fast, we've met each other in the Wallflowers discussion board. She seldoms fly to Kuala Lumpur, Singapore attending conferences.and it's been about 7+ years since then

My point is, decide what you want to do and be consistence. In Islam the whole concept is call 'Istiqamah'. Which i have a ready article waiting to be published on this topic. Just got to take my pendrive which i left in the car.

Oh by the way, while my Adsense income may not skyrocket overnight, but it will gradually increase along with my posting.

i got a lot to tell and share...

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