Thursday, July 24, 2008


We strongly believe that you should always demand for Safety, Good Quality Workmanship, and Excellence After-sales Service. NGV should be Always Safe, and then _disibledevent="#ff0000">Always $aves.

Often, we have observed that NGV Owners asking for cheaper conversion prices frequently end up with poor workmanship and incomplete installation. This poor state of NGV conversions leaves them with massive problem after they leave their Installer's workshop. The average cost of rectification can leads up to RM500 - RM1,000 repair bills. This does not includes the countless times of engine stalls at traffic lights, poor idling, low pick-up and long-term damages to the vehicle's engine.

There are also reports of illegal NGV Installers setting up business without proper JPJ Category C License for NGV Installation, Repair and Modification, and Certified Installers. The reports contains stories about Buying License Certificates from a licensed Installer, inexperience installer without proper training, inadequate equipments and lack of warranty acknowledgement.

So before you convert, please do proper research. _disibledevent=""> to see what other NGV users have to say, what problems they faced and how they overcame them.

If you need additional advice, kindly contact our Hijau DTCw Center (Jalan Ipoh): Mr. Melvin Lim HP: 012-3123430. Alternatively, you can email to the following persons:

Dr. Xander Thong email:
Mr Melvin Lim email:

Kelebihan NGV


What if I tell you that you can travel up to 150km for only RM8 using NGV?!

Benefits of NGV:

1. Save up to 70% Fuel Cost!

2. Enjoy 25% Reduction on Road Tax!

3. Dual usage (Petrol & Gas)

4. Lower Car Maintenance Costs!

5. Suitable for All Petrol Vehicles!

Advantage of Installing at our Company:
1. Company is JPJ certified

2. NGV installer is MLVK certified

3. NGV Conversion Kit (ISO 15:500 certified) is JPJ approved

4. NGV Fiberglass Cylinder (ISO 11439 certified) is DOSH approved

We also offer:

1. RM1million Product Liability

2. 1 year or 60,000km warranty

3. Easy Payment Plan provided

Start SAVING Now!

Call 6012.213.9355 for a Free Fuel Savings Consultation!

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